Decarcerate PA launches Picture This: the Real Cost of Prison Expansion

Governor Corbett’s budget slashes millions from public education and social services while continuing to fund the state’s $685 million prison expansion plan.  This plan will add over 5000 new beds to the Pennsylvania prison system. 

We believe in a different set of priorities for Pennsylvania.  Instead of sending more people to prison, we need to address the things that funnel people into the prison system. We want quality public schools, stable housing, jobs and job training programs, health care and food access, drug and alcohol treatment programs, community-based reentry services, and non-punitive practices that address the root causes of violence in our communities. 

When Governor Corbett came to Philadelphia, Decarcerate PA lined the streets with cots and banners to demonstrate that money spent on prison beds is money taken away from the things PA really needs.  Now we are taking our cots on the road!  Every day from now until the budget passes, Decarcerate PA will post a new photo of these cots in front of institutions and places in Pennsylvania that are negatively impacted by Governor Corbett’s broken priorities. 


You can let Corbett know that he’s taking PA in the wrong direction!  Follow us on twitter @decacreratePA, and retweet the photos to @GovernorCorbett using the hashtags #PAbudget and #picturethis. 

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