Paul Glover survey responses

Do you support implementing a statewide moratorium on prison construction? Yes
Do you believe Pennsylvania's prisons should be privatized? No
What specific policy proposals would you enact regarding prison expansion and privatization? The Green Party favors an end to prison building (starting with Graterford), and eventual prison abolition.  Privatization is evil.
Will you work to repeal mandatory minimum sentences? Yes
Do you support implementing a moratorium on the death penalty? Yes
Do you support legislation that would allow parole eligibility for people serving life sentences? Yes
Do you support legislation that would allow parole eligibility for elderly prisoners? Yes
Would you end the practice of automatically trying young people under 18 as adults? Yes
What specific efforts would you make to reform Pennsylvania's sentencing laws? Reflex jailing of offenders, particularly people of color, destroys families and neighborhoods.  I would seek broadest judicial latitude for alternatives to incarceration, such as restorative justice, community service, youth courts with peer juries, treatment facilities for nonviolent addicts.  Life without parole should end-- it provides no incentive for rehabilitation and diverts taxes from schools.  At the same time, sentencing should stiffen for corrupt judges, politicians and bankers.  Family group therapy is valuable, but the best form of anger management therapy is revolution-- taking power together.
Do you support ending PA's role in the War on Drugs? Yes
Do you support policies that treat drug addiction as a public health issue rather than a criminal one? Yes
Do you support the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana? Yes
Do you support ending mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses? Yes
Do you support policy changes so that people are not incarcerated for technical parole violations, such as missing an appointment or failing to inform a parole office of a change of address? Yes
Do you support the reinstatement of the pre-release program? Yes
Do you have plans to reform the commutation process in Pennsylvania Yes
Do you support the return of all citizenship privileges upon a person’s release from incarceration? Yes
Do you support the allocation of funding for preventative programming to help decrease incarceration rates? Yes
What steps would you take to reform the commutations and parole process, decrease recidivism, and help people who are coming home from prison? The governor appoints members of the Board of Pardons, and the Lieutent chairs that Board. Together they have immense power to reduce prison populations.  They can enact more generous guidelines for commutation and parole which both protect the public and restore community.  Preparing inmates and their families and neighborhoods, especially with employment, should be well funded.
Would you end the practice of long-term solitary confinement? Yes
Do you plan to take steps to decrease the number of immigrants who are separated from their families, detained, and deported in Pennsylvania? Yes
Do you have any additional policy proposals to significantly decrease the prison population in Pennsylvania? Alternatives to incarceration, as above, are the quickest and most direct way to reduce inmate numbers.

Since JOBS FIGHT CRIME, I would shift the state budget from prisons to schools and green job development.  As this process grows and inmates are released, prisons can be repurposed as green jobs training facilities, food production centers and warehouses.  During this transition, within prison, skill development and certification must be a priority, so that when released inmates may gain respectful livelihood.

Growing national desperation and alienation makes the United States a crime factory.  Nothing will prevent and rehabilitate crime but a culture that accepts rather than punishes human weakness, and an economy that makes it easier for us to help than hurt one another.

Politically, we can emphasize the tax benefits of shifting from prisons to schools.  We can emphasize the social benefits of fostering happy children rather than dangerous criminals.

I've dedicated several decades to developing the above:  Among these is my proposal for the Green Labor Administration (GLAD), which would train and employ 500,000 Pennsylvanians to install energy efficiencies, plant forests and orchards, and staff expanded free clinics.
What policy changes would you support relating to Pennsylvania's drug policies? The Green Party favors legalization of marijuana, parole of its prisoners and expungement of their records.  Since drug dependence rises principally from sudden or chronic trauma-- family divorce or death, home or job loss, sexual guilt-- self-destructive habits must be addressed through friendship, community, respect, love.  We need a war on dangerous legal pharmaceuticals.