Decarcerate PA debates DOC head John Wetzel on WHYY's Radio Times

Sarah Morris on Radio TimesBig thanks to everyone who listened and called in to today’s Radio Times debate between Decarcerate PA’s Sarah Morris and Department of Corrections head John Wetzel.  If you missed the show you can listen to the audio below. 

To see a written version of some of our rebuttals to Wetzel's arguments, check out 6 Myths about Prison Expansion in Pennsylvania.

If there is one thing we want people to take away from today’s debate: it is not too late to stop these prisons from being built.  Construction is just beginning on two new prisons in Montgomery County.  Governor Corbett could cancel these projects and save Pennsylvania millions of dollars.  That money could be used to fund schools, to reinstate General Assistance, to provide jobs, healthcare, and reentry support.

We believe that we can stop these prisons.  But we can’t do it alone.  We need all of you to get involved.  Call Governor Corbett and Secretary Wetzel and demand that they cancel the prison projects.  Write your legislators and demand that they pass real reforms that repeal harmful sentencing laws.  And get involved with Decarcerate PA!

Decarcerate PA is an all volunteer campaign, and we always need more people to get involved.  So come to a meeting or a rally or our upcoming community barbeque and find out how you can help!