12 Days for Justice Phone Script

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The numbers:

DOC Secretary John Wetzel" 717-728-4109

SCI Coal Township Superintendent Vincent Mooney: 570-644-7890

What you can say:  Call-in Script

Caller: “Hi my name is _____[yours truly]____, from ___[wherever]____ , and I’d like to speak to Secretary Wetzel [or Superintendent Vincent Mooney].

You will likely be told that either the Secretary or Superintendent is not directly available and you will instead be directed to their respective secretaries or administrative assistants. You can then tell whomever you are speaking with:

Caller: “I am calling to voice my deep concern about the conditions that prisoners at SCI Coal Township continue to face on a daily basis. Six months ago, prisoners there staged a peaceful week-long boycott of the dining hall and submitted an official written request for 22 reasonable and necessary changes that the prison should implement to meet basic human rights standards for fair and humane treatment.

Caller: “I want to know what Secretary Wetzel [or Superintendent Mooney] has done to date to see that these concerns are met. Can you tell me what progress has been made to insure that prisoners at Coal Township and throughout the DOC have access to access to adequate food, the ability to hold cultural events, an effective grievance process, respectful medical care, and an end to policies that dehumanize and punish prisoners and their families?

Wait to see if they provide a response of any kind. Make sure the receptionist is taking actual notes of your expressed concerns. In all likelihood, they will not provide a response, in which case you should just continue – don’t allow them to cut you off.

Caller: [Proceed to focus on the highlighted justice demand of that particular day] I.e. “Why are prisoners at Coal Township subjected to red lights that stay on in their cells all night long and cause sleeping disruptions that lead to depression, undue distress, and other related health problems?”

Wait to see if they provide a response. Close by reasserting your concerns and demands.

Caller: “These are small concrete steps that the DOC could make that would have a huge impact on the lives of the people who are in your care. These demands have emerged from a situation in which prisoners are forced to endure conditions that significantly threaten their health and well being. To ignore the content of their concerns is to endanger and unduly burden the lives of those individuals. I urge the Secretary [or Superintendent] to meet these prisoners’ very reasonable and modest demands and to alleviate the causes of their unnecessary hardship and suffering.”

Caller: “I would appreciate it if you would please pass on my concerns to the Secretary [Superintendent]. Thank you and goodbye.”

Thanks for calling! Please post on our Facebook page about what you found out, and encourage your friends and family to call, too!