Where do PA's gubernatorial candidates stand on mass incarceration?

Decarcerate PA has been gathering information on where Pennsylvania's gubernatorial candidates stand on issues related to mass incarceration. Our purpose is not to endorse a specific candidate, but to provide informations to voters and to push all the candidates to take a stand against the policies and practices that drive mass imprisonment in this state. There is a large and growing movement in PA to stop prison expansion and repeal the so-called "tough on crime" policies that have led to a prison population that tops 51,000 and a corrections budget of more than $2 billion. Pennsylvania's gubernatorial hopefuls will ignore these issues at their peril.

Democratic cgubernatorial candidates 2014

Positions by candidate

Rob McCord

McCord Factsheet

Kathleen McGinty

McGinty on incarceration

Allyson Schwartz

Schwartz positions on mass incarceration

 Thomas WolfThomas Wolf on incarceration

Green Party Candidate Paul Glover

Paul Glover on mass incarceration


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[3] - Neighborhood Networks Community Forum for a New Governor