#No215 Jail Coalition Congratulates District Attorney Krasner on First Steps to End Cash Bail in Philadelphia, Pushes for More

Rally in front of DA's office with End Cash Bail sign

Below please find statements/quotes from members of the #No215Jail Coalition and Coalition for a Just District Attorney on District Attorney Larry Krasner’s announced bail reforms.

“The #No215Jail Coalition congratulates District Attorney Larry Krasner and his office on the first step they are taking towards ending the use of cash bail in Philadelphia,” said Joshua Glenn, of the #No215Jail Coalition, the Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project, and the Coalition for a Just District Attorney.

“With the presumption that the District Attorney’s Office will not ask for cash bail for the listed charges, thousands of Philadelphians will now - if the courts are responsive to this historic change - be able to remain in their communities as they face their charges,” Glenn continued. “This will make it possible for people to keep their jobs and housing, and to continue caring for children and loved ones; while reducing recidivism rates, decreasing unjust convictions, and saving the city many thousands of dollars.”

“Cash bail doesn’t keep us safe, and this is an important first step towards ending its use in Philadelphia,” said Reuben Jones, of the #No215Jail Coalition, Frontline Dads, and the Coalition for a Just District Attorney. “Our coalition now urges the District Attorney to follow through on his commitment to end the use of wealth-based pre-trial detention in all cases - a move that would bring us closer to actualizing the presumption of innocence for all accused people, regardless of their financial means or the alleged charges they face.”

“We appreciate the significance of the District Attorney advising his Assistant District Attorneys to recommend release without cash bail for 25 charges,” said Sarah Morris of #No215Jail, Youth Art & Self Empowerment Project, and the Coalition for a Just District Attorney. “This will impact the lives of many people who previously would have been detained on cash bail and will now be able to remain at home with their families and communities as they await court. We continue to urge the District Attorney’s Office to expand this reform to all people charged in Philadelphia - as no oneshould be kept in jail simply because the price tag on their freedom is too high for them to afford.”

“We are hopeful that, as Philadelphia moves away from money bail, the District Attorney’s Office will reduce pre-trial detention without the use of racially biased algorithmic risk assessment tools that perpetuate the caging of Black and Brown people,” said Cara Tratner of the #No215Jail Coalition, Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, and the Coalition for a Just District Attorney. “We hope to see the District Attorney’s Office, the Defender Association and the First Judicial District shift the culture of criminal justice in our city so that detention is a last resort, not the default, and the vast majority of individuals are released on their own recognizance with the lowest level of supervision.”

“The #No215Jail Coalition applauds this first phase of bail reform from the District Attorney’s Office as an initial step in the right direction,” concluded Lauren Taylor of the #No215Jail Coalition, Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, and the Coalition for a Just District Attorney. “As people directly harmed by incarceration, advocates, and allies, we urge the DAO to eliminate the unjust, inequitable system of cash bail that targets people of color and fuels mass incarceration. This first step is heartening - and we call upon the DA’s Office to continue moving forward, and end the use of wealth-based detention in Philadelphia.”


The #No215Jail Coalition is fighting to end the use of cash bail in the City of Philadelphia. The #No215Jail Coalition is made up of organizations including the Institute for Community Justice, Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project, Decarcerate PA, Frontline Dads, the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, The Center for Returning Citizens, Philadelphia Student Union, X-Offenders for Community Empowerment, the Human Rights Coalition, Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower and Rebuild (POWER), and the Media Mobilizing Project.  

The #No215Jail Coalition is an active member of the Coalition for a Just District Attorney.