ACTION ALERT! Call-in day to stop anti-prisoner legislation October 27th

The PA legislature is again trying to pass a package of anti-prisoner legislation designed to leverage outrageous financial penalties against people in prison and their families, as well as people convicted of or charged with crimes. We successfully stopped these bills last year, but three of them have been reintroduced and are now in the Senate Judiciary Committee. We are trying to stop these bills, and we need your help!

On Tuesday, October 27th, we are asking people across the state to call the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask them to vote NO on HB758, HB1089, and HB123!

HB1089 authorizes the state to take 50% of all incoming money to prisoners’ accounts from loved ones on the outside, and 25% of their wages (which range from 19 to 42 cents an hour). HB758 allows the state to garnish wages for costs, fines, and restitution once someone has been released from prison. And HB123 means bail money that would otherwise be returned is also taken, providing a huge disincentive for people to pay bail and inevitably leading to even more overcrowded jails.

These bills not only impact people in prison, they also hurt their families, loved ones and communities. They do nothing to promote community safety, but rather increase recidivism by increasing financial burdens that severely inhibit people’s ability to successfully return to their communities and live healthy, safe and sustainable lives.

PLEASE MAKE THE CALLS on October 27th to stop these bad bills! You can find the numbers for Senate Judiciary Committee members below.

You can find out more about each bill and access supporting materials at

Thanks for calling!

Senate Judiciary Members

We are asking everyone to call Sen. Greenleaf and Sen. Leach, who chair this committee and decide if the bills get put forward for a vote. And if you have more time (and especially if you are one of their constituents) call any or all of the Senators below:

  • Stewart Greenleaf, Chair, (R-Bucks and Montgomery Counties) - (717) 787-6599
  • Daylin Leach, Minority Chair, (D-Delaware and Montgomery Counties) - (717) 787-5544
  • John Rafferty, Jr., (R-Berks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties) - (717) 787-1398
  • Joseph Scarnati III, (R-Cameron, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, Mckean, Potter and Tioga Counties) - (717) 787-7084
  • Richard Alloway, II (R-Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, and York Counties - (717) 787-4651
  • John Eichelberger, Jr. (R-Blair, Cumberland, Franklin, Fulton and Huntingdon Counties) - (717) 787-5490
  • John Gordner, (R-Columbia, Luzerne, Montour, Northumberland and Snyder Counties) - (717) 787-8928
  • Dominic Pileggi, (R-Chester and Delaware Counties) - (717) 787-4712
  • Randy Vulakovich, (R-Allegheny County) - (717) 787-6538
  • Gene Yaw, (R-Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Union Counties) - (717) 787-3280
  • Lisa Boscola, (D-Lehigh and Northampton Counties) - (717) 787-4236
  • Lawrence Farnese, Jr. (D-Philadelphia County) - (717) 787-5662
  • Art Haywood, Art (D-Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties) - (717) 787-1427
  • John Sabatina., Jr. (D-Philadelphia County) - (717) 787-9608


Decarcerate PA is a grassroots campaign working to end mass incarceration in Pennsylvania.  We demand that PA stop building prisons, reduce the prison population, and reinvest money in our communities. * 267-217-3372 *