All out for Mumia Rally

Family and Friends and Supporters of Mumia Abu- Jamal! PLEASE Join us in support of our Dear Brother Mumia Abu-Jamal. We are celebrating Mumia's 59th B'earth'day by holding a demonstration against DA Seth Williams's continued participation in Mumia’s frame-up! As well, we are demanding an end to the Effective death Penalty Act on the 17th anniversary of its signing!

We Understand Life without Parole is NOT JUSTICE; it is still a Death Sentence. Because we understand that Brother Mumia’s life is in imminent danger, we articulate the following DEMANDS:

1. WE DEMAND Mumia’s immediate release and the release of all political prisoners!
2. WE DEMAND an end the school to prison pipeline and mass incarceration, the new Jim Crow!
3. We demand that Seth Williams acknowledge the District Attorney frame-up of Mumia! Accordingly, Williams must admit that:
- The DA’s office suppressed physical evidence of a fourth person who fled the scene.
- The DA’s office suppressed crime scene
photos that clearly show police tampering with evidence.
- The DA’s office pressured witnesses to lie on the stand.

WE MUST ORGANIZE LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!! Join in the struggle and fight for Mumia’s freedom on his 59th birthday! We NEED your support, so please make it a point to come through and to spread the word throughout your community of friends, families and supporters!

Another IMPORTANT Note: The Protest will be from 2- 6 pm and will be followed by an evening program; Location TBA!

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