Call-in day against prison expansion

In case you missed the People's Hearing (or want to see it again!), you can see photos, video, and audio by clicking here.

But while the People’s Hearing was a success, our work is not over! Construction continues unabated on two new prisons in Montgomery County, even though we know that the Department of Corrections lied to justify this controversial prison expansion.

That’s why we are asking you to call the House and Senate Judiciary Chairs this week to demand that they hold hearings to determine whether the Department of Corrections intentionally misled the General Assembly about potential cost savings to justify the construction of SCI Phoenix I and II, and to immediately halt construction on Phoenix I and II while this matter is investigated. They can be reached at:

Senate Judiciary Chair Stewart Greenleaf (717) 787-6599

House Judiciary Chair Ron Marsico (717) 783-2014

For sample call-in scripts, see