CALL IN DAY: Demand a People's Budget, Not a Prison Budget

On May 25th - June 3rd, Decarcerate PA marched 113 miles from Philadelphia to Harrisburg to demand a people's budget, not a prison budget.

Now we need your help to move the campaign forward.

On June 26th, we are calling on people across the state to call your legislators and demand that they vote NO on any budget with increased funding for the Department of Corrections while the DOC continues to build unnecessary new prisons.

Pennsylvania is spending over $400 million to build two prisons in Montgomery County and the Department of Corrections is asking for an additional $68 million in the 2013-2014 budget even while the prison population is decreasing. In the last two years, the state has cut over$1 billion from education and millions more from healthcare and social services. We are asking people to call to tell their legislators the state should be funding education and healthcare, not more prison beds.

Specifically, we are asking people to tell their legislators to:

• Refuse to pass any budget with increased DOC funding as long as the Department continues to waste taxpayer money on unnecessary new prisons;
• Cancel the prison construction in Montgomery County

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