Call in day to support HB2135

October 18th is the Day of Action to End Life Without Parole. Many of us will be in Harrisburg rallying and meeting with legislators, but even if you can't make it to Harrisburg, we are asking everyone, no matter where you are, to call your representatives and ask that they abolish Death By Incarceration and support House Bill 2135.

HB2135 would amend the parole statute to make all people serving Death By Incarceration sentences eligible for parole after 15 years. The bill was introduced by Rep. Jason Dawkins, and co-sponsored by Re. Vanessa Lowery Brown and Rep. Leslie Acosta. The bill is currently in the House Judiciary Committee.

We are asking everyone who cares about this issue to contact both their state reps and the chairs of the House Judiciary Committee.

When contacting your own Representatives, ask that they co-sponsor and publicly support HB2135. You can find the contact info for your legislators at

When contacting the House Judiciary Chairs, ask them to hold a committee hearing on the bill. You can contact them at:

Majority Chair Rep. Ron Marsico - (717) 783-2014(717) 783-2014
Minority Chair Rep. Joseph A. Petrarca - (717) 787-5142(717) 787-5142

Not sure what to say? Check out our sample call scripts here:

Already called? Let us know in the comments what kind of response you got.

Thank you for calling!

** Cover art by Kristin Edmundson, an incarcerated artist at SCI Muncy