Community Resentencing Hearing for Ghani and All Juvenile Lifers

A Community Resentencing from The Redemption Project on Vimeo.

It’s Time To Bring Them Home! It’s Time to Heal Our Communities!

On Monday July 24th and Tuesday July 25th Kempis ‘Ghani’ Songster will be the first juvenile lifer to go before the court for a fully contested resentencing. Over 500 people in Pennsylvania were sentenced to mandatory life without parole sentences as children, a practice which the U.S. Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional. We are calling on everyone to come out and pack the court for his hearing, and to demand an end to sentencing children to die behind bars. 

But we also want to put forward a new vision for what community healing and accountability can look like. On Sunday July 23rd -- the day before his resentencing hearing -- we will assemble for a different type of justice for him and all who are going to be resentenced.

We will gather at 3 PM at Arch St Methodist Church to demand that the judges and the DA affirm a right to redemption, and we will demand sentences that allow those sentenced to JLWOP to come home and that they are not sentenced to decades of parole upon release. We will imagine together what Ghani and others can do to address any harm they caused, and how they can be agents of healing and change in the community. Then we as a community will resentence them to that work. We need them to come home so they can make things right, mentor young people to avoid the mistakes they made and help our communities grow and heal.

Ghani has been a leader in the movement against mass incarceration and has spent his life mentoring and helping others. We need him home. 

We Need Community Restorative Justice Not Death By Incarceration!

On Sunday, July 23rd 3-5 PM, Arch St Methodist Church Come Out To The Community Resentencing Hearing For Ghani and All Juvenile Lifers

On Monday 7/24 and Tuesday 7/25 Pack the Courtroom to Show Solidarity With Ghani and All Juvenile Lifers. 

Sponsored By Coalition to Abolish Death By Incarceration - CADBIAmistad Law ProjectThe Redemption Project and Friends of Ghani

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