Friday, March 22, 2013
6-9 pm at Goldilocks Gallery
$2-$4 for beer, wine and pizza
All you can eat/drink for $15-20

Robert “Saleem” Holbrook is a politicized prisoner, prolific writer and human rights activist being held by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. He has been imprisoned since 1989 for being present during a murder committed by someone else. Saleem, who was only 16 yrs old at the time, was pressured into taking a plea deal resulting in his life sentence. Guided by the mentorship of multiple political prisoners, as well as his own determined and loving efforts, Saleem became the politically conscious, committed and generous activist who inspires and motivates so many of us today. He is currently active in the efforts of the Human Rights Coalition, Books Through Bars, and Decarcerate PA.

With a recent constitutional ruling from the US Supreme Court outlawing the mandatory sentencing of children to Life without Parole, Saleem is finally looking at a rare and long overdue legal opportunity to challenge his incarceration. And for that we need to raise several thousand dollars to pay legal fees! Please come out and make it happen! Support a dear friend, a tight comrade and a brother we need back out on the streets ASAP!

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