October letter writing marathon

Join us Saturday, October 27 from 1pm-4pm at 1315 Spruce St for our monthly letter writing event. 

Every month we receive hundreds of letters from prisoners across the state with requests for information, submissions to the newsletter and website, and contributions to developing our organizing strategies. Join us to help us keep up with our mail and to ensure that our work is informed and led by the ideas, experiences and wisdom of our members on the inside. 

This is a great opportunity for people who are interested in Decarcerate's work to learn more about our campaigns, as well as help do the powerful movement building work of connecting with our comrades on the inside. 

We'll be at the William Way Community Center at 1315 Spruce St from 1pm to 4pm and are encouraging folks to stop by at any time during that window! 

Questions? Get in touch by email at decarceratepa@gmail.com or by phone at 267.217.DEPA.