Street Movies! at Las Parcelas Garden with Art Factory, YASP and Decarcerate PA

FREE, Open to the Public, and Family-Friendly!

Street Movies! comes to Las Parcelas Garden thanks to community partners Norris Square Neighborhood Project's Art Factory, The Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project, & Decarcerate PA. We will be screening shorts related to education in the neighborhood. Round up the neighbors, grab your lawn chairs and enjoy FREE independent films in your neighborhood.

Friday, August 8, 7:45PM.
Hosts: Norris Square Neighborhood Project's Art Factory, Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project, & Decarcerate PA
Location: Las Parcelas Garden - 2240 North Palethorp Street
Rain location: El Centro de Estudiantes - 126 W. Dauphin St.
Emcees: Saul Zayas and Kristine Keen

Opening performance: Timbalona

Screening at this Street Movies! event:

Stolen Dreams II: Breaking the Cycle of youth Violence Trauma & Imprisonment by YASP Youth Art & Self- Empowerment Project with Scribe Video Center 
Stolen Dreams II is an inspiring film that reaches out to the community to help get the word out about stopping violence and finding ways to address violence other than throwing our young people in jail. In the film, you’ll hear from young people who’ve been locked up, people who’ve lost family members to violence and young men and women who are currently in adult jails. We hope these different voices can give audiences a deeper understanding of how young people in Philly are impacted on a daily basis by violence and incarceration. (USA, 2014, 27 min)

Freak Lay - D -- The Boom by Art Factory 
have you ever been an unspoken soul? one who would like to stick out of the crowd but couldn't? one whose voice didn't echo in the hallway? are you being oppressed by the force? are you being oppressed by the man? but oppressed no more! here, let your beautiful voice scream and shout, with the individuality of the soul and the strength of the collective struggle! OPEN A PORTAL TO THE LIBERATION AND FREEDOM OF SHARED REBELLION. (USA, 2014, 5 min)

Eyes on the Stars (USA, 2013, 3 min) by StoryCorps
On January 28, 1986, NASA Challenger mission STS-51-L ended in tragedy when the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after takeoff. On board was physicist Ronald E. McNair, who was the second African American to enter space. But first, he was a kid with big dreams in Lake City, South Carolina. 

Project 2013: Decarcerate PA by Art Factory / Decarcerate PA
This past summer, Art Factory collaborated with Decarcerate PA and PhillyCAM for six weeks to make three short stop-motion videos to help people realize the grand actuality of the Prison Industrial Complex. PhillyCAM was gracious enough to let us use their equipment and their space while we planned, filmed, recorded and edited the 3 videos. Decarcerate PA helped us clear up the clouds by telling us more about what they do as well as the political and community results and consequences of mass incarceration. We hope that these pieces will shed light on the current situation, and inspire people to join the movement to stop the prison industry and reinvest in the community. (USA, 2013, 12 min)

Calls from Home: Prison Radio in Appalachia by Lance Warren and Hannah Ayers
From the heart of Appalachia, a radio station broadcasts hip-hop & shout-outs behind bars. "Calls from Home" is a weekly radio show based at WMMT, the radio station in Whitesburg, Kentucky, that broadcasts messages from friends and family of those incarcerated in the prison system of Central Appalachia. Seven penitentiaries have been built in the region in the last 20 years. "Calls from Home" gives family members - many of whom live hundreds of miles away - a chance to connect with their loved ones. (USA, 2014, 6 min)