Decarcerate PA Celebrates 100 Days Instead of Prisons!

Dear allies, supporters, and comrades:

Thank you to all of you who participated in and supported Decarcerate PA’s “100 Days Instead of Prisons” campaign by creating flags, sharing the photos, and helping us craft a vision for the Pennsylvania we’d like to build.

The "100 Days" campaign is a social media effort designed to help us envision a world where resources are directed towards community needs and away from mass incarceration. Over the course of one hundred days, beginning on September 23rd and culminating on December 31st, we posted one photo each day on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Check out all of the photos, along with some of the responses we got from all of you, by clicking on the slideshow below:

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The flags were created in response to a simple question: “What would you build instead of prisons?”  Each image was drawn by a different Pennsylvania resident, and many were created throughout the southeastern part of the state during Decarcerate PA’s March for a People’s Budget, Not a Prison Budget. For ten days at the beginning of the summer, members of Decarcerate PA and our allied organizations marched 113 miles, from Philadelphia to Harrisburg, collecting images along the way showing what people in communities across the state want to see instead of more investment in prisons.

The social media campaign began as the Pennsylvania General Assembly came back into session in Harrisburg on September 23rd, and concluded on the last day of the year. With a final image posted on December 31st, Decarcerate PA will call on Governor Corbett and lawmakers to stop prison expansion in 2014.

Throughout these 100 days we have seen how people all over Pennsylvania want investment in things like education, workforce development, health care, housing, and community centers that will keep our communities healthy and strong. What people didn’t want was $400 million spent on building more cages to incarcerate and punish people.

This campaign is about envisioning and building a new world. Please help us continue to build that new world in the New Year. Let’s make 2014 a year of no new prisons!

In love and struggle,

Decarcerate PA