Take action with Decarcerate PA!

Whether you're behind the prison walls or just looking to get involved, here are three ways you can take action to end mass incarceration this summer:

1. Help us end cash bail! If you or someone you know has a story about the impacts and injustice of the cash bail system that you would like to share for potential use in the End Cash Bail social media campaign, please write us! Letters can be addressed to:

Decarcerate PA  
ATTN: #No215Bail
PO Box 40764
Philadelphia, PA 19107

2. Encourage District Attorney Seth Williams to implement a meaningful and swift resentencing process for those individuals who were sentenced to die in prison as children. Put pressure on the D.A. to make a public commitment not to seek life without parole during the resentencing of any of the 500 people serving juvenile death by incarceration sentences.

You can participate by writing letters directly to the District Attorney and by urging your friends and family members to write, email, call, and tweet him.

Call District Attorney Seth Williams at 215-686-8000!

Email Seth Williams at seth.williams@phila.gov.
Write to Seth Williams at District Attorney Seth Williams, 3 South Penn Square, Philadelphia, PA 19107

3.  Demand a better felony murder bill. In the spring of 2016, Senator Daylin Leach introduced SB1138, which he claimed was a bill to end felony murder in Pennsylvania. In reality, the language of the bill does not accomplish this goal. If you would like to see stronger language in this bill, write to Senator Leach’s office to express your concerns:

Senator Daylin Leach
601 S. Henderson Rd #208
King of Prussia, PA 19406