CBS 21: Group to rally against PA prison expansion in Harrisburg

Reported by: Chris Papst

People in Harrisburg will be rallying Monday afternoon for education funding, and against prison expansion in Pennsylvania.

Lawmakers at the State Capitol will be met with about two-dozen protesters who marched from Philadelphia.

The group, Decarcerate PA says they don't want the State's prison system expanded.

Instead, they want the focus and funding to be on education and social services.

Opponents of prison expansion will be dressed as construction crews with safety vests and stop signs.

The group says they have a simple message: "They want a people's budget, not a prison one."  

They're asking legislators not to grant the Department of Corrections a 68-million dollar increase in funding.

They also want to stop the 400-million dollars needed for a new prison in Montgomery County. 

Decarcerate PA says the State should reconsider its priorities and invest in people in the form of health care, food stamps and job training; and not invest in prisons.

Monday's rally begins at noon on the front steps of the Capitol Building in Harrisburg.

CBS21 News will be at the rally and will provide updates.