Pull the Plug on Prison Expansion! Call In Day

Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel told the Philadelphia Inquirer  "My first instinct was to pull the plug" on the new prisons the state is building outside of Philadelphia.  For some reason, Wetzel changed his mind and is building the prisons anyway.    

The controversial prisons, called SCI Phoenix I and II, are the second most expensive construction project in the state’s history, and if completed they will house 4,100 people.  We believe that prisons are not the answer to Pennsylvania’s problems.  Instead, we should be investing in education, healthcare, jobs, drug and alcohol treatment, and community based reentry.  We should be finding ways to keep people out of prison and bring people home. 

That’s why Decarcerate PA is having a call-in day to tell Secretary Wetzel its not too late to “Pull the Plug” on Phoenix I and II. 

Call the Department of Corrections and let them know:  The people of PA want investment in education, not incarceration.  Wetzel should pull the plug on Phoenix I and II today!

You can call Secretary Wetzel at (717) 728-4109     

Help spread the word on facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/605384949521429/

You can download a paper version of the flyer here