Sample tweets for Seth Williams

TWEET AT @DASethWilliams!!

Sample Tweets:

  • Stop dragging your feet @DASethWilliams! Follow the #Miller decision on #JLWOP and bring our children & loved ones home!
  • We call on @DASethWilliams to provide relief to 300 from Philly serving an unconstitutional JLWOP sentence. #AbolishJLWOP
  • I am calling on you, @DASethWilliams, to commit to not seeking #JLWOP for any of the men and women being resentenced under #Miller
  • Philadelphia leads the world in sentencing children to die in prison. @DASethWilliams why aren't you moving more quickly to change this?
  • Why did it take 4 years for @DASethWilliams to follow #SCOTUS ruling that children cannot be sentenced to mandatory life without parole?
  • People have died in prison waiting for you to act on #Miller, @DASethWilliams. Stop standing in the way of bringing Philly's children home.
  • Mothers should not have to watch their children grow up behind bars. Let compassion be the path, @DASethWilliams. #AbolishDBI
  • We call on @DASethWilliams to support 3rd degree statute resentencing, not SB850, for those serving #JLWOP.