By Wen-Dell Quenzell Caldwell

The Artist received an Academy Award for the song, Purple Rain in 1984. In 1985, the Artist won three Grammy Awards for his Purple Rain Album. The Crown Prince was Crowned King at his Grammy coronation. A metaphysical celebration to express commendable appreciation. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince knew what it felt like to be a slave. Once he became a Jehovah's Witness, he only wanted to share what it felt like to be saved. Many bloggers believed Prince was on a quest for pleasure. Prince fans knew that he was a truth seeker on a spiritual expedition. Prince healed the broken hearted without the slightest touch. That was simply one aspect of his divine mission which he loved very much.

When Prince was 18 years old, he was given the keys to a Recording Studio. The owner actually passed the torch by giving Prince the keys to the kingdom. Destined for greatness, Prince recorded demos. Sampled recordings for record companies. Prince worked as a mixologist for radio stations. The owner of the studio must have liked Prince very much. He had an eye for talent and Prince certainly had the Midas Touch. When Prince was 20, Warner Records released his first album. Music is just like math. Prince made his own path. An avid songwriter, the man clearly was driven. Just what was his secret? Puritanical living. If a picture can express one thousand words, how many equations can be developed from a song five minutes long?

In 2016, the Angel of Death claimed the soul of the master teacher. The prolific composer, laudable by musicians as being a master preacher. Prince was a topnotch music arranger. Every instrument speaks its own unique language. Prince could interpret them all. He may have only been 5'4" but, he stood so very tall. Prince savoir faire maybe imitated, but it can never be duplicated. Prince evolved scientifically. Prince managed the Revolution brilliantly. Prince loved studying the Bible and he planned to use it. The Music Bandits wanted Prince to stick with worldly music. The Bandits did not want the masses to hear Prince gospel beat. The spell castors saw that Prince evolution was nearly complete. The caterpillar became a butterfly. His fortieth album was a product of his third eye. Prince could see with his spiritual eye and he could hear with his priestly ear. Prince wanted us to know that the end was near. Were you blessed to receive Prince ecclesiastical eschatological education Christ like, Prince only wanted to up-lift our fallen nation.