The Art of Subreption – Mastered by the Judicature

It would behoove me to explain – as well as for you to know – the general noxious practices that are customarily adopted and executed within the judicial system. Practices designed specifically to 1.) deceive the public – most notably, juries, 2.) oppress the accused at all cost, creating unprecedented incarceration rates, unlike any time period this world has ever seen, and 3.) win the case. These malevolent methods that I speak of is – in description – blatant judicial subreption. To fully understand this process, one must look no further than the police department. Here is where that deleterious process begins. We all have seen in the news recently, the corrupted practices of law enforcement, which happens to be nothing new, these practices have been in place since its inception. It has only recently been brought to the public’s attention due to the advances of technology, in particular - camera phones. Now, these gross improprieties do not end with the local police department, what they provide is a microcosm, in fact, those improprieties are elevated once the prosecution inherits the case. Trumped up charges - inter alia - is only the outset. Prosecutors have an established history of abusing their power, in large part due to their guaranteed immunity/impunity, which provides incentive to operate free from a concern of detrimental repercussion. It is not the prosecution’s concern whether the accused in innocent, this has been proven just by looking at the many samples provided by the thousands of people who have been released from prison thru DNA, after serving – in most cases – decades behind bars for a crime, (that you can bet the prosecutor, police, and judge knew), they did not commit, and these representatives and executioners of the laws within the system are not held to any standard of responsibility when these acts are exposed.

Furthermore, it would help to understand that, in a criminal proceeding involving trials, the judge is, in effect, the prosecutor’s lackey. Please allow me to elucidate this shocking revelation. You see, the prosecutor basically writes the judge’s opinion, simply by presenting their narrative at trial, which is littered with subreption, (I would label it - collusion). That opinion, which has been perverted by the D.A.’s version of the facts, then becomes the coordinate jurisdiction, then mutates to the law of the case doctrine, which controls the course of the appellate process. That opinion is what the appellate courts use as their beacon, it generally determines their ruling. It is what influences the appellate court’s decision, which is nearly 100% unfavorable to the accused, (it’s one jurist, communicating with another, with a subreptitious narrative provided by the prosecution). In most cases, even if a defendant happens to be complicit, the true narrative is redesigned, modified by the prosecution to tailor the trumped up charges. Which is why most of the innocent – partially or completely – plead guilty to avoid lengthy prison terms. Some even fabricate reality and accomplices, with the police’s aid, to mitigate the ramification. When a prosecutor is known to be culpable of prosecutorial misconduct, no matter how egregious, for them, there is no real penalty. Impunity impregnates the prosecution with insouciant temerity, it encourages prosecutors to perform vile, appalling, transgressions, that will facilitate their sole objective – to win. Certainly an impervious act that highlights the “win, loss dichotomy” game that the prosecution plays, has adopted, and – ostensibly, obsesses over.

That myth called justice has long been abandoned by the system. That so-called justice is de facto, a unicorn within the judicial process, - it fails to exist. No fetid act of injustice seems to be forbidden, this is the accruement of that judicial allure, (that is held by the judicial orchestrators), subrogating fairness and justice, for corrupted unwritten policies and practices. It is a horrid shameless system designed to oppress, most notably – on no uncertain terms, racial oppression, by way of – class oppression. It is important for us to recognize the inherent, corrupted, wanton practices, of which are performed with extreme alacrity, by the prosecution.

Law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges are all in bed together, this is where that malignant tumor known as the “Code of Silence” resides with absolute certitude. So our only recourse lies in the people - us. We are the only ones that can defeat the machine of injustice and oppression. When the above mentioned process is repeated, with mind numbing lunacy, you then have a severely flawed system that incarcerates people at a higher rate than any other country in the universe. This, among other reasons, is why we must Decarcerate PA.

As William Cooper so eloquently explained in his publication - Behold a Pale Horse, “The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintaining some measure of social order, peace, and tranquility for the ruling class.”

This excerpt further denotes the urgency, and this essay exposes one element of those measures designed to keep people from power. As William Cooper explains, “there is a silent weapon that has been created that shoots situations at you, instead of bullets.” What is happening to us on a daily basis is not incidental, it is a meticulously thought out plan to control and oppress, orchestrated by the ruling class. So it’s imperative to say that when it comes to the judicial and penal systems in america, we need to reinvent the wheel. Godspeed

“Enter tomorrow wiser than you entered today”


Sincerely For the People, 

Yem Case

Dx 9137

Box 9999

LaBelle, PA 15450