Black History is not a month; It's Everyday Struggles, Achievement

By Muwsa Green


Most Black people has forgotten the extraordinary things that Elijah Muhammad has done for the African American. He recruited many Black, Brown people from out of U.S. prison, churches, neighborhoods, communities who were pimps, drug users, drug dealers, rapists, manipulators, prostitutes and reformed them to become great powerful leaders. Indeed there are no single social program devised by governments or private initiative has a better rating of transformative justice than Elijah Muhammad himself. Elijah forbids the Black man from hitting their wives. He warned us not to beat them lightly or harshly. It is the same with the Black women, they cannot hit their husbands. Black people by nature are to never be the aggressor according to our African heritage. He also taught the Black men, women that cheating on your spouse is disrespectful to yourself, your spouse and sets back the whole struggle. If we can’t control ourselves, emotional, physical, thoughts, tongue, sexual control we can't control a household or we can't control the world. Elijah was born October 7th 1897 in Sandedville, Georgia; died Feb 25th 1975, The power elite has used disinformation, provided misdirection so that Black, Brown people cannot fully comprehend the reality that we deal with, and the forces that shape our lives. They feeded us disinformation (poison) about Elijah Muhammad through various communications media, but primarily by televisions, radio, motion pictures, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet; (Divid & Conqure). They had done similar tactic on brother Mumia Abu Jamal in ‘Pennsylvania’ Commonwealth Justice system; and Pennsylvania prison industry for over 30 years; The government even tried many time to assassinate Elijah, Mumia and Fidel Castro (ect) but failed because of their solidarity. In South Africa, Nigeria, Libya, Senegal; North America leaders such as Patrice Lumumba, Muammer Gaddafi, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Nat Turner were assassinated for their role in developing peace, liberation, and solidarity . . . . . . . Elijah Muhammad once said, “one hundred percent dissatisfaction brings about one hundred percent change. Wants we as a whole are dissatisfaction of oppression one another than we can put aside our difference; Join hands for real - democracy; show that Black lives matter. We shall not allow Donald Trump discourage our progress even though he has made clear through his campaign and now in his appointments and behavior in its aftermath that he intends to radically attack the rights of so called immigrants, Muslims, Black, Brown people, women the disabled, U.S. prisoners who have been historically oppressed in “this” country. This could mean united states prisoners could be in danger if we do not wake up from our mentally death, join hands in solidarity, and develop self control over our condition. Trump will not only make sure there be no checks on pale supremacy and vile racism that permeates the police departments and prison guards of this country, the very worst within them will be given carte blanche and encouragement from the highest offices of the land as they have already. The day of pale vigilantism and yes, lynch mobs days that never really went away, as the terrible cases of Trayvon Martin, Mario Woods, and many more; the Charleston Massacre. These barbarity act will be encourage from the highest offices behind close doors. This why I say Black History is not a month; its Everyday struggle for achievement.

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