by Usamah aka Dante Burton


We have become blinded by the fact that we have gained rights, and the fact that we were treated better. However, black lives have never really meant anything in this country. We must not forget how we got into this country and how we were treated from the beginning, both of how we were captured and how we were brought here. We are dealing with a diabolical satanic mind set of people. This is not directed at any one race of people, because even black folks and other non-white folks have this same mind set. We must destroy, eradicate and annihilate this way of thinking and only then will black lives matter. It has been an anti-black movement since our inception on these shores. This devilish mindset has escalated to the point where a black person can just be out-right murdered by any non-black and then lie about it and nothings happens.

This all started with the whites demonizing black folks. It's sad that in 2015 black lives still don't matter, but it is a true fact that we don't matter. We must attack this mind set, then and only then can we get to the root of the problem and begin to fix it. So the plan must be to eradicate this mind set of ALL PEOPLE. This annihilation of thinking will bring about a world where “BLACK LIVES DOES MATTER.”

Donte Burton JW 3204, is serving a Life Sentence at SCI HOUTZDALE, P.O. Box 1000; Houtzdale, PA. 16698-1000. He is also a member of Reconstruction, Inc. and a former Leader of Reconstruction's Youth Program (i.e. L.E.A.D.).