Conjugal Visits Are a Religious Right

By Gregory Thomas / Jamal Ali Muhammad

The conjugal visit is a religious right given to all married individuals.

Prison walls have to right to burden the free spouse’s religious obligations or right to have intimate private time to nurture the marriage.

Prisoners have a religious right to have sexual intimacy with their free spouse, without being burdened by prison officials.

If a free married spouse decides they wish to forgive their spouse for being incarcerated and choose to maintain their marriage and family, that opportunity should be available as a religious right without burden from prison officials.

EXAMPLE; In the ISLAMIC religion- a woman has a right to have sex with her husband.

Please visit the conjugal visit case: Thomas v. Corbett (2014)

His claim goes far beyond wither he is entitled to engage in sexual relations with his wife—the issue is whether he is permitted to spend time with her in private, nurturing their intimacy, encouraging her spiritually as the leader of the family, developing an emotional bond that require both time and privacy that is fundamental to an institution regarded as sacred within many religions, including Thomas’s (aka Jamal Ali Muhammad) own faith—Islam. These are privleges extended by other states.

Jamal herein asserts claims sounding in religious freedom, pursuant of RLUIPA and asserting rights of freedom of religion, association, privacy and marriage as protected by the first and fourteenth amendments of the US Constitution, and made actionable by 42 U.S.C. Section 1983.

Free People have religious rights that should not be burdened or cut off because the Spouse is in Prison.