Decarcerate PA

by Nathaniel Butler

For two days i sat back inside my prison cell here at S.C.I. Camp Hill state prison and watched on T.V. the slaughter of two African American men by the police.  

I am also watching the woman come on T.V. and cry out for help, her raw pain has touched my soul very deeply.  

People seem to want peace, but they must understand that the Constitution of the United States was written to the exclusion of the displaced Africans.  This land wasn’t given away. The lingering scent of disappeared Native blood will attest to this.  Everybody wants to come to the table for some kind of answer to this massive problem.  Well (society) should be asking the question why are there so many human beings, especially those of color being carted off to these “Death Camps”?  If you don’t know that ethnic cleansing plays a large part in who goes to prison, then you are out of touch with this reality.  

We as a people have been socially engineered or conditioned to be a certain way inside a “Ruthless System” that has taught most of us to devalue ourselves in every aspect of our life.  

We have been colonized, demonized for centuries, now they want to stop this Trauma. REALLY!!!  For those of us who have been locked down behind these state prison walls (torture chambers) for (20), (25), (30) years, a big responsibility also falls on us.  

We left our family and our community to fend for themselves.

We didn’t put security on what we are suppose to love.  

This is a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself, this is why the community are so angry.  Now the most hardcore question that America still doesn’t want to confront is: “who is killing us, and why we need to die.”? Once we know this, we’re on the road to understanding the need to be resurrected.  

Once we unmask the imposter behind the curtain, we can collectively rise from our uncivilized dream state, to a civilized, conscious reality.  Where do we begin?  we need to start at the beginning and stop when we get to the end, being mindful that collective change is not possible until or unless the majority of the people are dissatisfied.

This will never happen until most of the people in (society) and behind these prison walls serving long-term sentences realize that the life they are “living” is not life at all, but rather it is a sugar-coated oppression, just sweet enough to distort the palate of the oppressed and trigger the onset of perpetual, genocidal diabetes.  

In my closing: “Values and principles will determine one’s destiny, it will also determine the destiny of this country called America.”