Economic Terrorism

by Wen-dell Quenzell Caldwell

“EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” Latin for, “The End Justifies, the Means.”

Any means, no matter how foul, maybe used to defraud vulnerable prisoners. “Prisoners deserve whatever they get.” Some say - Others say, “Two wrongs, don't make it right.”


When everything becomes a crime, everyone becomes a criminal. The primary objective of the Prison Industrial Complex, is to prevent poor people from procreating. The secondary goal is mass optimization from mass incarceration. Capitalists deprive prisoners of their wealth. Venture Capitalists deprive prisoners of their property. Corporate genocide, deprives prisoners of their lives.


“Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude maybe legalized; except, as a punishment for a crime _________.” By definition, prisoners are in fact, indentured servants who are compelled to work for little or no compensation at all. Slavery was all about free labor. Not only was it and is it still legal, it was justified by manifest destiny and the end justifies the means. Ministers gave sermons on why Christians should agree with slavery.


The Civil War did not end slavery, it legalized slavery. The Thirteenth Amendment is an enabling act, which granted monopolist, carpetbaggers, and scalawags the right to infringe upon the rights of those who were convicted of a crime. Prisoners are compelled to purchase anything and everything from one corporation. Regardless of the fact that other businesses sells the same products, better products, at more reasonable prices.

Prisoners in the State of Pennsylvania have not received a pay raise in well over twenty years. Prices increase quarterly without warning by 30% or 60% or 90% and this is no exaggeration. Prisoners are sold TV sets for $300.00 when the very same TV sets and better are sold at Best Buy for $90.00 and $100.00. Prisoners are sold boots for $100.00 when the same boots are sold for $50.00 at David Shoes and other retail stores. Prisoners are compelled to buy fake food items at real prices.


Obama outlawed Private Prisons however, the Trump Administration brought them back. Private Prisons are owned and operated by economic terrorists, bootleggers, and first class pirates. These bandits and outlaws are ruthless. The crimes committed in this civilization would disgrace a tribe of savages. Police are only interested in making arrests. Prosecutors are only interested in getting convictions. They arrogantly claims to have a monopoly on the truth, without any scientific proof.


Pennsylvania is the most corrupt state in the country. The criminal Justice system is ran by criminals. Even a blind man can see who the real criminals are. Pennsylvania's Attorney General was convicted of perjury when she committed a crime. Philly's District Attorney received $160K in bribes.


Countless judges and prosecutors have been caught using Smartphones during trials when they know that exparte communications are illegal. To date, not one single judge or district attorney have been disbarred for their illicit conduct. I saw a prosecutor who was guilty of exparte communications be a star witness for a judge she was guilty of committing the very same crime with the very same judge. When Stacy Parks Miller was charge with exparte communications, she threatened to sue the County and they dropped all charges. Seth Williams won't be so lucky because he does not have the complexion connection.




The Board of Probation and parole needs to be abolished all together. How can one be impartial if one is a known racist? Kathleen Kane who fell from grace exposed countless judges, lawyers, prosecutors and even Pennsylvania Parole Board Members of having racist material on their computers. Seth Williams refused to remove any of those bad apples because he would have had to cut down the whole damned tree.


Good Riddance because he proved to be a menace. The cost of living goes up each year but, have no fear. Trump is going to make America great again by making America hate again. Trump Care don't care. Trump care would have been a nightmare.


Morticians are only interested in bodies dead or alive. Like City hall, they bury poor people alive. I’ll provide you with a more detailed tableau of their crimes should you care to write me or better yet, come see me. Your dime, my time!


Wen-Dell Quenzell Caldwell
1600 Walters Mill Road
Somerset, PA 15510


Post Script; PA does not have good time, earned time or flat time. This state doesn’t even have parole for lifers!