Engineering of inmates consciousness in Pennsylvania prison

by Muwsa Green Hv5362

Feb 28 2017 

This account of life in secure residential treatment unit at SCI Greene. The (SRTU) is billed by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections as a program designed to provide Management, programming, and treatment for an inmate who Exhibits serious mental illness, chronic disciplinary issues and demonstrates an inability to adapt to a general population setting according to (DOC) policies 13.8.1 section 10.

Inside the unit many political prisoners who challenge the (DOC) policies are lable as antisocial personality disorder; are involuntary sent to the SRTU without a 302, 304, 303 petition completed, sent to the court for a judge approval or disapproval accordance to SOP.5.37109(b) of the mental Health Procedure Act. John E Wetzel secretary of correction has a continuous of practice housing prisoners in the SRTU, special management unit, special need unit; Generally as a form of punishment, torment and Retaliation. To weaken and undermine the political thinking and attitudes of political prisoner’s causing them to become mentally insane; only the strong survive in these units.

In 1996 psychologist Robert Hare created the Diagnostic and statistical manual standards, Historical clinical risks management 20 version 3. The DSM-5 is an manual that all mental health psychologist’s refer to when diagnosing mental disorders in the united states Judicial system, prisons, mental institutions, public schools. The HCR 20v3 scores will determine whether a defendant at trial, or a prisoner parole hearing is a extremely risk factor for future criminality. The DSM-5 definition of antisocial personality disorder on behavior shows a continuous practice of disregard for violations of the rights of others.” Therefore antisocial personality disorder requires three or more of the following behaviors or traits:

1) Failure to conform to or respect laws or social norms, as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest.  2) Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases or conning others for personal profit or pleasure (e.g. to obtain money, sex or power).  3) Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead, as indicated by decisions made on the spur of the moment without forethought on considerations of the consequences, sudden changed of jobs, residence, or relationships.  4) Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults.  5) Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others. It may be seen in recurrent speeding, DUIs or accidents, risky sexual behaviors or substance abuse, disregard or neglect of children and so forth.

John Wetzel administration are stuck in the great wab of contradiction because they suffer from antisocial personality disorder also; The (DOC) worship oppression this is why their model is care, custody, “control.” The will use force to gain control (deadly force.) They continous manipulate prisoners and continuously violate prisoners rights; They repeatedly violates the law, social norms; They manipulate tax payers for their millions each, every year.

ASPD is not a serious mental disorder such as those prisoners who suffer from paranoia, hallucinations, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective, and delusional thinking. The SRTU do not provide adequate treatment to these prisoners such as educational service, religious service, medical service, mental health therapy one on one session. The superintendence Gilmore used to be a psychologist here at SCI Green. Unit manager Mankey was a major at SCI Fayette in 2007, was fire for having a sexual relationship with a prisoner; Manley gotton rehired here at SCI Green, she is the unit manager of the (SRTU). They do not have a permanent psychologist, eye doctor, psychologies, medical doctor, social workers. There are many prisoners who has a very low IQ score, has attention deficit disorder and a history of attempting suicides. Which need extreme close attention and one on one sessions by numerous social workers. On G Block A Pod, B Pod there are one psychologies who are women. These women use sexual control tactics on SRTU prisoners; order the guards to use Behavior Modification Control Tactic on SRTU prisoners to get them to be submissive and subservient towards they’re programming. These females come onto the unit with tight clothing, very flirtation to gain control of prisoners mind, where so they can receive mass attention. It so bad here because if a prisoner do not receive attention by one of these Female, they’re suicidal. 90% percent of prisoners has a sex crime; some innocent, others are guilty; These females believes that every last one of them is guilty; They target their weaken if the prisoner has one. The Department of Correction Food Service Provided all state prisoners genetic engineering food, drinks that has been unnaturally ripened with artificial color, flavor, and chemical farming; social engineering are through the use of hormones, DNA, sexual hormones, and antibiotics to fatten cows, chicken, sheep and pigs that prisoners repeatedly eat. It’s the genetically modified organisms that are completely new organisms with never before seen DNA. The process of creating GMOs involved the random shooting or splicing of genes and leads to genetic mutations, said Henry Kissinger.

This cause long term disease, prison rape. Why give prisoners who can’t control their hormones genetic engineering foods? Because the (D.O.C) method is for the prisoner to commit a new crime; where so they can receive more money, tighting up on new laws; and also cause destruction of prisoners health to make profit, lower the prison population. The SRTU use R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock music as a coping skill which is unhealthy because its speaks about sex, drug, murder, and suicides. The prison authority are not careful of the things they allowed into mental ill prisoners’ mind. I notice many female staff arrive to prisoners’ cell door, developing sex conversation. This tactic: is to target the male emotions, making him believe that he has a chance in a sexual relationship with them. When a person can not control their sexual emotions, they lose control of the situation, allowing the other parties gain complete control of them; they allowed their sexual emotion act as their brain. Many female use the same tactic on these male guards to come up in rank, or benefits. This science came from Dr. Alfred Kinsey in 1920 who studies sexual behavior in the human male at Bussey institution at Harvard. Guards in the (SRTU) repeatedly used stun guns, e-bit electroshields, pepper spray on prisoners who arm themselve outside their presence, and who does not participate in the (SRTU).

However Pennsylvania consolidated statutes part III Inmate Confinement Chapter 59, Miscellaneous provisions 5907, oleoresin capsicum spray gives correctional institution an discretion to use unnecessary force; There no mandatory languages in this statutes this a open door of oppression. This SRTU believes that prisoners with sex crime, or violent crime, and those violated the laws must suffer. This thinking bolsters a system where prisoners return to society a monster. (In the 1818 novel Frankensten a young medical student creates a monster that destroy him. But in reality the Doctor was the real monster.) Although the lust of mass control go back to the beginning of recorded History of Slavery in Great Britain, Roman empire, England, etc, a nexus of particular importance arose in Germany in the 19 century. The materialist overhauling of psychology was in great part ushered in by the work of the German Psychologist Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt. Maximilian was a professor of Philosophy at the University of Leipzig, and in 1975 established the World’s First Psychological Laboratory. Professor or Professional to me really means official oppression.

A prisoner Ronald Kocher wrote a article inside Gratefriends volume 46, issue Fall 2015 which similar to the (SRTU). He say Pennsylvania Department of Correction special needs unit at SCI Benner staff are not trained to work around mental ill prisoners, the guards are extremely rude, ignorant, disruptive, disrespectful, oppressive toward mental ill prisoners causing them psychological torment. Ronald said Benner SNU has prisoners with no mental illness house on the unit who bullies mentally ill prisoners.

Rodney Worrell who is a intellectual writer, has many great books has said: If we are to move forward we must discover if we are in a state to undertake our journey. If this is not the case we must solve the problem and equip ourselves for the task. This is surely a more logical view than the other one, which would have us believe that we can run when in fact we may neither, have the strength nor the will to crawl say Rodney Worrell in the book Pan Africanism, Pan Africanists, and African liberation in the 21st century. Therefore inside the (SRTU) in SCI Greene many of brothers are to weak to crawl or run or stand because the medication, torment, restrains has place a burden on their strength.

It is well established that prison administration are among the most corrupt entities on earth, drenched in moral turpitude. But so are the Pennsylvania law projects that operate and get their budget in the name of prisoners. Law makers must abolish the (PLRN), (D.O.C.) programs, social policies, unwise laws that prevent rehabilitative prisoners from benefiting from their efforts to change. D.O.C programs are wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers investment in each year that these programs does not work, but makes prisoners worser. Tax prisoners money need to be used for better, greater things such as education for our children.