Greetings of Bullet Proof Love!

Greetings of Bullet Proof Love!

My name is Wen-Dell. I am 52 years old. I've been in prison for 28 years for a sex crime I did not commit. My incarceration was a mind blowing event. even with the filter of time my love ones still suffer from the pains of separation No matter how hard I try to comfort them, the reality of someone they love being so far away, subjected to both psychological and physical oppression eats away at their hearts and minds. Like me, they feel betrayed by the same system that is suppose to serve and protect them. My parents raised me to be a proud American. My father was a libertarian who knew the Constitution better than most lawyers. He said to protect the Constitution because the Constitution is the only thing that protects Africans in America. He said when the day comes when the Constitution no longer protect and preserve the rights of Africans in America, that would be the wake up call for all Black people to leave America.

The American government no longer practice democracy. DEMOCRACY i.e. GREEK -- Word Demos meaning the people. Cracy derived from kratein meaning to rule and or government. Demo is the root word of demon so what we now have is a demon government. I now know why foreigners refer to America as the Great Satan. The anti-Christ is one person who is behind the scenes of one government.

This government is supposed to be for the people and (ruled) by the people. It has become an adversarial system. Our leaders young and old are being systematically assassinated. When is an accident not an accident? Nothing happens by accident. Mass incarceration is by design. Truth, logic and reason does not always prevail in American court rooms. Forensic science is far too often ignored where material evidence could serve to exonerate someone who was charged with a serious crime. Innocent people are sent to prison all of the time. Then we have crooked judges and prosecutors who have a fascination with incarceration. Former judges Michael Conohan and Mark Ciavarella Jr., orchestrated a "Kids for Cash" scheme where they received kick-backs for sending non-violent juveniles to jail. One teenager committed suicide. White Americans were discussed [disgusted?] and stopped short of nailing them both to crosses. The sad thing is the fact that White judges have been unjustly sending Black juveniles to jail for non-violent crimes for a long time. When White judges start sending White kids to jail, then the big wigs pull out the big guns and cut them down.

More juvenile lifers were sentenced in Philadelphia than in any other county in the country. If that doesn't beat all, Pennsylvania will be the first state in the United States to sentence minorities for future crimes. This Minority Report will allow judges discretion to use predictive analytics during sentencing. This new law will be implemented based upon location (Postal Code), race (Black), and income (poor people). Pennsylvania District Attorney, Stacy Parks Miller ex-changed text messages with Common Pleas Judge, Bradley Lunsford during trial. There has been 1,300 exonerations in the last 20 years. The majority of the wrongful convictions were the result of prosecutorial misconduct. Many prosecutors and judges have been exposed for sending and receiving racist e-mails. How can such an officer of the court ever be impartial. Stacy Parks Miller, Centre County D.A. has been accused by a clerk of forging a judge signature on legal documents and this woman is still practicing law. Judges Kelly Gillette-Walker and Jonathan Grine filed an injunction to have their cell-phone records destroyed after they were exposed for sending and receiving text messages from prosecutors before trial. Judges look out for one another just as cops lie for each other.

One defendant, Daniel Woolem was informed that the local sheriff and the prosecutor was listening to conversations he had with his attorney. His lawyer had his client's drug charges dropped after the eaves-dropping investigation produced evidence of culpability. A report in January Prison Legal News, page 49 states that one in four exonerations involved crimes that never occurred. That means that prosecutors willfully and knowingly framed innocent people. The State of New York paid out $23.4 million in settlements which resulted from one detective who falsified evidence. He went as far as saying defendant's confessed when they did not. It was the nail in the coffin for nearly every defendant. Each time an innocent person is sent to prison, that individual suffers. The entire family and the community feels the straing. We all fail to see their children's pain.

A friend of mine who happens to be serving time has an 11 year old daughter who tried to commit suicide twice because her mother would not allow her to visit her father in prison nor speak with him on the phone. His BM asked him to go legit. Start a business or get a job. She warned him that should he get caught that she planned to move on. He was cool with that but, his daughter was not. The devastation from mass incarceration cost far more to our communities than the monetary calculation. Single mothers and single grand-mothers are raising our children. Generation after generation are being locked up and locked down. I've witnessed generation after generation of the Department of Corrections employees establish careers. Nepotism is not a crime. The prosecutors and the Board of Probation and Parole set the time.

Governor Tom Wolf says that he is going to raise taxes and cut the budget of education by a billion dollars. What he needs to cut is the Board of Probation and Parole and leave the schools revenue alone. In Pennsylvania, the Board of Probation and Parole currently has 7K prisoners who are over their maximum sentences. How much money would be saved if those individuals were released? I am presently 18 years over my minimum sentence. I've received nine hits from the Board of Probation and Parole for maintaining my innocence. Now you know why the state of Pennsylvania is in the bad shape that it's currently in. Tax payers just can't win. The Federal Government spends $80 billion dollars annually on incarceration. This government spends $500 billion annually on the military. American prisoners are in reality prisoners of war. The record number of prisoners serving life w/o parole is a failed policy. First because prisoners aren't given an incentive to change. Secondly, because the medical care of an aging population is going to prevent state officials from decreasing the D.O.C. budget. Whereas it may cost $30K for a new arrival, it may cost as much as $90K for an elderly prisoner.

The most severe problem confronting our communities is the fact that mothers and fathers are missing from their families. The children have no direction and they're being forced to live on their knees. Proper education is the best way to spend one's time. Only parents can teach their children not to turn to crime.

We need to stop waiting for the capitalist to change. The imperialist to change. The fascist to change. The aristocrats are not going to change. We must wage an economic war. It is the only way to defeat totalitarianism, republicanism and feudalism. There are two million people in state and federal prisons but, there are five million being held in county prisons. How did we get to this state of economic defunct? Bill Clinton suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus. Bill Clinton sponsored the crime bill that set Black Americans back 400 years. Black people love the Clintons as if they're the saviors of the Black race. Both Hillary and her husband put us in this place. Now the Black Caucus is supporting Hillary in her bid for president. Our political leaders have betrayed us yet again. Hillary was caught up in the White Water scandal and she lied to the American people about what really took place in Bengazi. We need to do away with the Clintons and abolish the Electoral College. We the American People do not even elect our own president. The aristocrats elect our presidents.

How many individuals are being held in secret prisons? A true democracy is a government in which political power is retained by all the people. This government is ruled by the wealthy upper class. I'd support federalism over and above totalitarianism. Fifteen million people in prison is 15 million too many.

The family members are serving time also. In order to change the system, we need only to change our minds. Change the places we spend our nickels and dimes. We need to become producers opposed to being consumers. Once we become investors opposed to being consumers, then a change will come. A former slave who became a renown statesman once said, "Without struggle there can be no progress!" The Center For Disease Control plans are demise night and day. For all these crimes and more, we must make them pay. Killer vaccines and lead in the water. Zika is the beginning of a New World Order! Pay heed and conduct yourselves accordingly!

Wen-Dell Zell Well