Hatred in Denial

by David Lee #AS3041

Since the two most recent incidences in which police were shot and killed in Dallas and Louisiana there have been a rash of conservative voices attempting to blame the Black Lives Matter movement for those violent acts as if Black Lives Matter have ever promoted, or advocated for Such violent actions against the police or anyone else. Those very same conservative Voices are dead silent when police shoot and kill innocent Black and Brown folks in American cities on a daily basis. Those extremely biased voices seem to have a case of historical amnesia and fail to be able to recall that police have been killing innocent Black people since the beginning of what is now known as the United States of America.

Throughout the span of my life, I cannot remember Such strong admonitions and criticisms toward the police for their extra judicial killing of Black and Brown lives as I do about the shooting and killing of the police. These are voices with unlimited access to mainstream media outlets, and the ability to mold minds with their influence. However, they do not use their influence in a non-biased manner when they engage in journalism and reporting on issues that are very polarizing. To be clear, Black and Brown people did not create the existing polarization between us and the police, the police engendered this problematic state of being that exist between us and them, however, it appears that they do not possess the sort of honesty necessary to admit this truth.

Most people in urban communities only ask that police protect and serve in their neighborhoods the same as they do in White neighborhoods throughout America. Basically we want to be treated like human beings, not like abandoned dogs running through urban pathways in Search of a Warm meal on a cold Winter day. Unfortunately we now have presidential candidate Donald Trump making a clarion call to his fellow bigots, racists, and people full of misplaced anger, to make America safe again. I ask, safe for whom? America has always been a Volatile mixture of hatred and oppression for Black people, so who exactly is he talking about making America safe again for?

Has Donald Trump, or any of his racist Cronies ever spoken out against police brutality, oppression, and murder of innocent Black bodies? Those voices of hatred seem to always stop Working when it is time to speak out against the police, even when they are caught on camera murdering Black bodies. Why is that? Notwithstanding, this is the man who is suppose to unite a country that has been polarized since the first Native American was murdered in pursuit of land and untapped wealth back in 1492. Trump is going to make America great again, but for whom? Has America ever been great for those of us underneath her boot of oppression, or for those subjected to genocidal campaigns so a particular class of enslavers could accumulate untold capital?

Millions of Black, Brown, and Red bodies have been raped, whipped, enslaved, caged, oppressed, exploited, and murdered so America could achieve greatness for White capitalist enslavers and their "buffers" - the police and others who benefit from Our agony - but all this is okay in the eyes of conservative Voices speaking loudly against those brave voices in the Black Lives Matter movement calling for justice and genuine freedom in America.

The police pretend to be innocent victims of violence, but again, they have historical amnesia because they have been involved with extrajudicial murder for eons, and now that some frustrated military veterans have reached a boiling point, and have exploded on them, they are clueless. They need to stop running from the reality that they created, and truly begin to address this ugly scene in a manner in which actual Solutions can possibly evolve into existence, because there is no way for us to heal and build until America first tells her ugly truth to those she has wronged for centuries. In that truth telling process she must be prepared to honestly work toward repairing the damage she has caused so many. Yes all the Survivors of her tyranny and death should be given reparations to assist in the healing process.

The main question for those Voices of denial and hatred, needs to be, are they capable of being honest about their ill deeds against humanity and nature? I truly doubt that she now possesses the sort of human decency and integrity needed to change her nefarious ways, and begin to chart an honest course in pursuit of a just Society in which resources are used for the benefit of all, not as a way to create enormous wealth and power for the privileged classes and their buffers working to maintain law and order amongst the beleaguered Souls underneath the boot of military might. That is what the police forces of today have evolved into. They are a modern day military force, just a domestic version of their brothers who operate on foreign soil, and like their brothers they are guilty of oppressing civilian populations in their pursuit of control over human beings who are of lesser value in their eyes. Why else do they operate in the ways that they do in our communities? Moreover they pretend not to understand why so many are angry with them.

The conservative and other voices that justify police misdeeds are actually doing the police and America a huge disservice because you cannot build an honest relationship upon a dishonest foundation. Therefore, in their morbid attempts to protect the police, they are manufacturing a situation where problems intensify rather than get better. Those cops who claim to be good cops but ignore the actions of their corrupt peers when they engage in murderous purging of their distorted minds, you are just as guilty of murder as your distorted partners because you took an oath to serve and protect the people, not your murdering brothers in "Blue.' Yes the police are human beings with families, and they like all other human beings deserve justice, but the vast majority of them support the Blue Wall of Silence and other covert codes, which undermine their ability to serve and protect the public that they all swore to do.

You cannot protect people when you possess racist, bigoted, and other Warped views of because the hatred that fuels those ideological perspectives will not allow the possessors of such perspectives to operate in a non-biased fashion. Once you produce an environment of hatred, anger, fear, distrust, frustration and dislike, you cannot then

approach people with a sense of authoritative righteousness, and think that everything is in order. You have created disorder and want people to ignore your creation, even though your creation is causing great pain. Then your absurd media advocates rationalize your misdeeds with their twisting of facts to make events fit into a logical explanation, even after being caught on camera murdering the Very same people you Swore to protect, you still attempt to manipulate what is seen on camera to fit into a scenario in which the police are innocent. For many years the Survivors of police corruption have tried to get people to see exactly how corrupt and inappropriate the police and the American political system has always been. The killing of unarmed and innocent people by the police is not new, the only thing that is new is the technology that allows people to record the murders and send those images around the World Without the assistance of the mainstream media, which for the most part, is pro-police. Thus, the media does not report stories in a balanced and unbiased manner. Even when we see a blatant murder take place, media outlets like CNN will summon all sorts of federal and state police experts to explain why what we see is Wrong. Even those people who watch first hand and record the events are made to seem as if they do not understand what is taking place because they are not experts in the field of law enforcement. We may be experts in the field of experiencing the abuse and corruption, however, We are not qualified to tell our agony to the World; only the experts possess the skills to break down a cellphone video recording. These are people who are suppose to be leaders in the fields of reporting and policing who are running such a hoax on the American public Without an ounce of shame.

The voices now attacking the Black Lives Matter movement do so out of fear, but not because they actually believe that Black Lives Matter are terrorists, but because they see that Black Lives Matter understand what is happening to us throughout the country, and they are organizing to stop those who hate the thought of any structural changes taking place in America. Black Lives Matter understand that hatred and bigotry cannot lead us to freedom.