Let this be the year

marching feetFrom Eduardo at SCI Graterford:

My words, my soul, I share with you all. I offer myself in solidarity with your struggle as you have offered yourself to mine. I cannot march alongside with you, but know that my spirit is there – as yours is here. I hope to comfort you, as my brothers and I are comforted by your presence and commitment. ‘If the abolition of slave manacles began as a vision of hands without manacles, then this is the year’.

Let this be the year that keeps warm the feet of those who march towards freedom; let the light of day shine magnificently on the hearts of those who boldly proclaim their solidarity with justice; make still the violent winds of oppression so that the call for human dignity will be heard in the valley and upon the hill.

Let this be the year that fear is forfeited and bravery is born – nourished on an unwavering desire to be more than huddled masses, forgotten in the cold machine of politics; let the definitions of society and civility be reestablished to include all persons as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, and lovers whose consent is sacred to the religiosity of democracy.

Let this be the year that hunger is met with the Bread of Angels, ignorance is confronted by the understanding hands of love, and greed is overcome by the will of The People who believe that investments should be made in the liberation of people rather than their confinement.