Letter from Ernest R. Morris

As someone with not much family, especially not much conscious family who takes the initiative to get involved in the fight against inequality, thank you for the work you do. It’s very comforting. At the same time, a lot of these organizations can provide nothing more than lip service to justify their tax exemptions. Letters become nothing more than pacifiers or band aids. When you do make a connection with someone it’s only a matter of time before you hear from them no more. You spend time fantasizing about networking with someone like minded only to be let down due to a lack of consistency

You know people incarcerated will never have much of a voice until we are able to effect change. Imagine how much we would be catered to if we were a voting bloc. Why do you think it is necessary to strip a person of their right to vote, but it’s not necessary to a problem to continuously tax that same voiceless populace? What kind of message does that send? One’s debt is never paid in this country. Trump was absolutely right, this country ain’t so innocent. The audacity of people who try to spin this country’s thuggish ways. This nation is no better than Russian and whoever else that do what they want to whomever they want. Trump knows that all those who are involved, who chase world domination are KILLERS! They determine who lives, who dies, who’s successful, who’s not, who’s forgiven, who’s not, who’s educated, and who’s not and the quality of education one receives. The quality of drinking water one receives! The list goes on and on and there’s nothing civilians can do about it because the government’s weaponry is so far advanced that anyone’s right to bear arms is obsolete or insignificant. How can civilians stop the government from exercising tyranny as they so often do? They down plat the thought by convincing society to believe in the oath so many government officials break all the time with impunity on account of their immunity. Society’s naiveite has culminated in the election of President Donald J. Trump.

It is hard to fight this machine when you are not entitles to a voice. We are and have always been the forgotten men and women. Why isn’t more people telling these truths in the mainstream? Because they too will be killed, or silenced, one way or another. For the above reasons most organizations are just spinning their wheels, trying to keep hope alive. But it’s false hope, designed to encourage us all to continue waking up and paying taxes. Aren’t we suckers?

I am currently appealing my conviction to courts that are well aware that the founding fathers never intended me to have rights I claim I am entitled to. What an oxymoron. Any relied given by the courts is their cloak and dagger way of keeping the lie alive. This explains why there is such a lack of consistency in court opinions and nothing is ever interpreted as written. Standards of law and procedures are all subject to Judge’s interpretations, why? What is says should be what it is. But it isn’t like that. Whether you graduated high school or college, as long as you can read you should be able to understand and comprehend the law. Why make it so difficult and complex for the citizens who have to live by it if it is just? It’s about trapping its subjects in order to keep the government functioning in this capitalist nation. The information is out and the Jury is in. We have all been living a lie. And most of us can’t handle the truth. When you live in the truth you are hated for it, whether it’s by family, friends or strangers.

Still agree? Still want to be pen pals?

Mr. Ernest R. Morris
1 Kelley Drive
Coal Township, PA 17866