LWOP and corruption in the DA's office

Dear Sir/Madam:

    I am new to your newsletter Fact Sheet (“Decarcerate PA”). I would like to start receiving your newsletter. How much will a subscription cost me? Also, I would like to know, would you be interest in publishing my story? You can use my whole name and number. The criminal justice system in Philadelphia is broken from the District Attorney’s office and the Courthouse CJC…

    My name is Robert Robinson, I’m a Pennsylvania prisoner serving a life sentence, without the possibility of parole.  On April 28, 2015, I obtained copies of my original trial/plea counsel Richard Michaelson, who was a Former City Homicide Prosecutor.  Copies of his Indictment and his “Arraignment and Plea” transcripts which are sixteen pages.  On April 29, 2015, I wrote to the district attorney Mr. Mark Gibson, who is in charge of the Reconsidered Conviction Unit.  Seth Williams, set up this unit, to review old convictions etc.  I explained to Mr. Gibson, what happened with my case and what I found out about my attorney Richard Michaelson, who was a former city homicide prosecutor.  I sent Mr. Gibson, a copy of all the information I have about my attorney, his drug use and drug dealing.  The Commonwealth withheld all this information from me, for thirty-two years.  As of this date Mr. Gibson, or anybody else from the district attorneys’ office responded to my letter or the documents in them.

    So on June 18th, 2015, I had to file my PCRA petition within sixty days advancing my claim of after-discovered evidence (i.e., Transcripts of my original counsel Richard Michaelson admitting he had a drug problem with cocaine and has been snuffing it for fourteen years) and ineffective assistance of counsel for improperly advising me to plead guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy.  I only agreed to plead guilty because my attorney told me that I would be eligible for parole in ten, twelve or fifteen years and I would get released from prison.  I was nineteen years old when I plead guilty.  In short, my former counsel pressured me to plead guilty because he wasn’t prepared to try my case and he didn’t do no investigating in my case.  All Mr. Michaelson was concerned with was going to Canada.  I wanted to go to trial with a jury.

To make matters worse, Judge Edwin S. Malmed, told me the same thing at sentencing about being eligible for parole.  I believe this information that I was told...I’ve been incarcerated for thirty-two years and I cannot make parole, with the sentence I received.  Because Pennsylvania law does not permit it.  All prior attorneys I had covered up what happened to me, because Richard Michaelson was a former assistant district attorney in the Philly DA’s office.

On September 9th 2015, Judge Benjamin Lerner, in CJC sent me a 907 notice with intent to dismiss my post-conviction petition.  On September 21, 2015, I filed my objections and response to the rule 907.  I’m just waiting on Judge Lerner to make a decision.  hopefully, he will order an evidentiary hearing.  If not I’ll have to appeal to the Superior Court.  

My former counsel Richard Michaelson, pleaded guilty in Federal Court to simple possession of cocaine and admitted to Judge Charles R. Weiner, that he had a drug problem, and been snuffing cocaine for fourteen years while practicing law.  Mr. Michaelson was getting high on cocaine when he improperly advised me to plead guilty to second-degree murder.  Mr. Michaelson was an Assistant District Attorney in the DA’s office for four years.  In May of 1982, is when Richard Michaelson’s criminal activities and wrongdoings and drug abuse came to light.

On or about May 29, 1982, Mr. Michaelson, Assistant District Attorney was suspended without pay earlier that week after former Governor Edward G. Rendell, who was the DA in the District Attorney’s office.  Mr. Rendell learned of the FBI probe that Michaelson had purchased 11 pounds of cocaine on a Caribbean island.  Thereafter, Michaelson was forced to resign from the District Attorney’s office for his alleged wrongdoings and on the wrong side of law, that involved drugs.

On or about May 5th 1983, a year later, the court administrator Vincent J Ziemba, in City Hall appointed “ex assistant district attorney” Richard Michaelson, the same attorney to represent me, on my upcoming murder trial.  The DA’s office, Judge Malmed, court administrator.  They all withheld this after-discovered evidence from me, for thirty-two years.

My attorney had a drug problem and was ingesting Cocaine while representing me. Mr. Michaelson wasn’t good enough to represent the DA’s office after his wrongdoings and drug abuse with cocaine.  But Michaelson was good enough to represent me, on a serious charge of Murder.  The DA’s office knew all about this, because they were recording all of their phone calls.  The DA’s office didn’t prosecute Michaelson, for his drugs and criminal activities.  Mr. Michaelson, didn’t do any jail time and kept his law license and still is practicing law to this very day.  These are the attorneys I had and covered up what Michaelson did to me: Norris E Gelman, Esq (direct appeal) First post Conviction Hearing Act; Francis Masciocchi, Esq. (appeal to Superior Court) James A Lineberger, Esq. (appeal to Superior Court)

Now Richard Michaelson, prosecuted 29 homicide cases and on 26 of those cases, while he was an Assistant District Attorney.  I truly believe all twenty six of those convictions including mine are “Questionable” because Michaelson paid one of his witnesses $100.00/$150.00/$200.00/$850.00 per month, plus some cocaine.  Michaelson coached this witness the way he needed him to testify.  The guy in this case is serving a life sentence.  I have an affidavit and I can prove all of this.  I have the documentation to back up all of this I have explained to you.  Justice is supposed to be fair, not what happened to me.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Very Truly Yours,

Robert Robinson