Message to the Black People

I hope and pray this message finds y’all in great health! This message is targeted toward the black youth of this day, which I am a part of, too. Long before the white man came to this country, when he thought the earth was flat, our fore-parents gave civilization to the world. They say we don’t have no history, they say we was savages. Naw! Naw! Naw! All that is propaganda. They, the white man, was the true savages. History show that we was an ancient civilization, kings queens, who build great empires and cultures while the white man was still living in caves. One thing is certain. Its has with indisputable evidence in stone and picture established for all time that our Ancestor was the Master and not the Slave! These is the same people who took our Ancestor from the great continent of Africa and brought them here for the purpose of using them as slave. Without mercy, without any sympathy, they worked our forebears. They suffered, they bled, they died as we as people look and seek for justice in the same European system that legalized the enslavement of our Afrikan people. How can we look and seek for any type of justice in this system, when the Foundation and Laws were built on the back of the Afrikan man, woman, and child. The reality and the fact of the matter is that every black man, woman, and child is a slave in the Europeans’ system since day one and is still a slave in the United Slave States of Amerika. There is no such thing as a free black man or woman in this stolen land and country. The truth of the matter is we were never freed because we never took our freedom back like it was taken from us. We have to understand that the White man that enslave us have never had any true intention on freeing us. For one, why would they free us, when they took the time to enslave us in the first place? Ask that question for me please? But wait these same fuckers destroy civilization in the name of civilization. Not only did they do that, they colonized our history, and so they colonized information about history! Now let’s speak facts, let’s Tell The True to our black people. These Europeans never stop and think to tell the world that we was the First of Civilization, that we had a great Empire before they was of this Earth! They ain’t going to tell y’all that black women are mankind’s first nurse and teach and that NO nation can rise higher than its women!!!

We need to stop thinking what the white man taught us and get back to our spiritual way because America taught us to be ashamed of our African brothers and homeland! Slavemaster also injected his Christian religion into the black people. This religion taught the black people that black was a curse. It taught him to hate everything black including himself. It taught him that everything white was good to be admired, respected, and loved. I just think that y’all is so confused and divided that y’all don’t know y’all’s cause as a people. We as people need to develop a nation of our own on the motherland of Africa because we cannot get recognition or no respect in this country at all by the so-called white man. These white people kill us every day. Every time I’m looking up at the news the police is killing black people everyday. It’s time to wake the fuck up. They breeds prejudice and hatred against us but y’all are too colorblind to see that these were our enemies since day one. This is the White people’s countries, we can’t ever exist together in today’s society because we are going to continue to clash with each other. I just think it’s time to move on like Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Louis Farrakhan, Elijah Muhammad said we need our own country, our own superior government, our own factories, anything else is a sellout for the people’s future. Brother Marcus Garvey said it the best: prejudice will be the downfall of civilization!!! As I bring this message to a close I just wanna say this to y’all black people. Y’all need to stop being ignorant and pick up a book and read until y’all discover the knowledge of the universe. That is where our history is, in Books. Every man and woman should have knowledge of self and self-education of their people’s history! The one thing the white man can't give you is self-respect. Knowledge is power, brothers and sisters. I am only 22 and I know everything about history. I also have knowledge of self. My knowledge and wisdom come from within my brain. Brothers and sisters, I was once ignorant until I changed that! Best of teachers never stop being best of students, always remember that and you will always be successful.


(Chaa-pash means “desire freedom”)

Feel Free to write,

Peace and blessing:

My slave name: Eugene McMiller
175 Progress Derive
Waynesburg, PA 15370