Mother's Day Statement

Gary Walker's statement for the Mothers Day Rally

My Name is Gary Walker. I am a Death By Incarceration human being, not an inmate. The experience I have living in the Pennsylvania Industry Complex is the word inmate in the mindset of prison officials is how they view us, those serving time are considered subhuman, less than. The reality is, slavery in America is disguised by the criminal Justice system warehousing poor people of color in prisons with most of the staff being racist.

We the people of color are being affected by the Pennsylvania of old & the outdated laws that has no reference to people and culture.

Courtrooms are nothing more than auctions, the highest bidder gets to bid on who gets a DBI sentence and how many of those will fill their prisons in order to receive kickbacks. The prison’s are nothing other than a plantation, human beings subjective to slavery labor utilizing it in building the system Industries. Human beings are being shuttled around from one plantation to another on buses in replacements of the boats and ships in which slaves were moved from place to place. They send us hundreds of miles away from our families and communities to break up what ties we have left by discouraging our support and move on in life without us.

We are living in rural area’s containing mountains, woods, and racist communities. These circumstances cause pain and suffering on all children, mothers, and family members.

On May 6th, 2016, Mothers gathering…. I myself speak for all the DBI brothers and sisters in this struggle who are in the Pennsylvania Prison Plantations seeking an end to Death By Incarceration. Mothers attending a rally to free our brothers and sisters that lost a child or love one to prison and death, due to the violence that plague many of our communities. We ask for your forgiveness in any hurt we’ve caused, know that the Creator decreed for all mankind to be forgivers of sins that have been committed.

We ask kindly that you are able to forgive and accept our apology, but most importantly be able to heal in time. We are a people are effected in two ways. The loss of life and the loss of one going into modern day slavery plantations. Mothers and all of you attending this rally know that the media and politicians want all of you to believe that we who have extremely poor choices do not deserve second chances or could become rehabilitated. However, when the politicians are the ones who are held in high esteem are caught, when referred to us perjury, stealing money and corruption. When referring to them “lapse in memory”, misuse of funds and poor judgments are quick to ask you, their constituent for support in whatever fashion needed on their behalf.

They are humans just as we are who have made mistakes, but, they haven’t gotten caught, but when they are they still have the support of friends in high places. We need a mass movement to stop these systematic racism in this state and end the abuse that comes with DBI. I myself have witnessed the systematic racism when I was sentences by the courts to die in prison despite being shot by my accuser. The prosecution wasn’t back then nor is it to this day wanting the truth, as they have a duty to seek the truth, all they cared for was and is about how many convictions they have to acquire and could acquire.

I thank you all for gathering in support of those forgotten and allowing our voices to be heard. 

Gary Walker