Mother's Day Statement

by James Hough

Hello, my name is James Hough, I’ve been incarcerated since age 17 for senselessly and regretfully taking the life of another human being. I’ve spent the last 20 +plus years reforming myself and making positive contributions to the lives of other people I encounter on a daily basis. I’m not unique. There are close to 1,000 lifers in Graterford and many of them deserve and desire a second chance. Sadly, Pennsylvania officials are bent on vengeance even when the person who committed the crime is no longer the same as the person incarcerated. I believe that there are many men and women serving life without parole that have much to contribute to making communities across PA better. Let’s all find a starting point to let mercy, compassion, and responsibility back into our society. Thank you. God bless.

Let love… rule our hearts

Let healing… into our courts

Let compassion… into the offenders’ hearts

Let redemption… be discovered by all of us.