Mothers' Day Statement from Michael Crosby

My name is Michael Crosby… 

I am currently housed at SCI Huntingdon, I am one of the many juvenile lifers that are here. This letter is not one of case law, it’s more from the heart…I…As well as others understand that no crime should go unpunished in one form or another. I’m speaking for those of us that were kids and juveniles when our crimes were committed. I came to prison at 17 years old and I’ll be 38 in 2 months, come June 27th I’ll have 21 years incarcerated. I’ve completed every program available to me with flying colors. Violence Prevention, Victim Awareness, I am now the Senior Coordinator in the Therapeutic Community, a program that just became available to me this year. I have my G.E.D. and I’ve tutored several people assisting them in attaining their GED’s. I had one minor misconduct in the last 8 years, I was baptized in 2007, I’ve grown up and matured, I have no violent misconduct in my entire incarceration, it took time but I’ve changed…no longer a boy, but now a man. I understand the value of life. Patience, considerate, honorable, persistent, selfless, morals, and values, were not ways that described me back then, but these are all qualities that I possess today. I respect the law and authority in ways that didn’t exist to me as a kid. In my present circumstance…there isn’t really much left for me to do but time. I continue to better myself each day, and I speak for the near 500 juvenile lifers…we just want a chance. We practice to be productive members of society, but for what if we can never see society again. Facts are facts, by each of our prison files…some have earned and deserve a chance and some don’t. Us as a whole, are praying for the 3rd degree statute should be enough, lets face it, a lot of us won’t live long enough for a 40-year maximum, but a chance to earn our freedom after 20 years, most of us won’t make parole the first time, but it gives us the incentive to do better, something to look forward to. Those of us that have earned it, give us something to look forward to…when is enough…give us a chance to be productive members of society. There are hundreds of families waiting in the balance. We just want a chance!

This statement was sent as part of CADBI's Mothers' Day Rally to end Juvenile Death By Incarceration in Pennsylvania. You can read more and watch video of the Mothers' Day Rally here.