Mother's Day statement from Nate Butler

My name is Mr. Nate Butler I am currently serving a life without the possibility of parole sentence. I been incarcerated for 26 straight years now ever since the age of 19. I come from a “Broken Family” so I basically was raised by my “surrogate mother” better known as the Department of Corrections…Life without parole is a calculated oxymoron, calculated to help you ease your pain through basketball season, through baseball season, through football season, year after year, until it’s time for us lifers to retire permanently… to the graveyard! Scripture clearly speaks about the winds, followed by the rains, which then bring forth life, not life as in “Death By Incarceration” real human life. Often this is given as a parable to a raising of the unconscious. Last night from my prison cell I heard the winds, this morning I am witnessing the rain, but it looks like the parable has to be fulfilled by human initiation.  

Over these long and painful years of incarceration I always try to put myself in the shoes and mind of the less fortunate, particularly the youth. They, like we, need “Treatment,” not “Death By Incarceration”. 

Think of a child from the inner-city who had all the smack, who was a straight A student, but for some reason they took to the streets looking for love in all the wrong places. Isn’t this the story of our children? They need good Treatment not “Death By Incarceration.” Mentors, for everyone, at all stages of life is not an option, it’s a given. One person, one group can’t see everything, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Not this corrupt prison system! 

God willing, the surgery must go on. After all what’s the difference between curing a physical disease in the Brain and curing a mental disease in the unconsciousness? Brain surgeon or a surgeon of History? Heart specialist or a preacher to cure the soul? It’s all life, so its all relevant. 

Some days I wake up in the morning and I just want to say “fuck-it” I get tired of living like this. You see, this is the pressure we “lifers” constantly face, all day, every day. It’s a sad reality, but it’s a real one! 

Much Love, 

Much Respect, 

Hope I can make it 

Mr. Nate Butler 

This statement was sent as part of CADBI's Mothers' Day Rally to end Juvenile Death By Incarceration in Pennsylvania. You can read more and watch video of the Mothers' Day Rally here.