Mothers' Day statement from Normita Jackson


My name is Normita Jackson I’m currently incarcerated in SCI-Muncy serving life without parole. At the time of the crime I was 19 yrs old. I was given this sentence for 2nd degree (felony murder) which means that I wasn’t the actual shooter. My reason for writing is to let society know that just because I’m currently serving life doesn’t mean that I’m a horrible, heartless person. I ask you let love guide your hearts, to know that what happened to the 190 inmates serving life without parole for felony murder could happen to any of your loved ones. Let healing, heal all of your wounds and scars that may have been caused by any one of us. Let healing show through your mercy and forgiveness upon us. The world today does not have enough compassion, so please ladies and gentlemen let your compassion shine so bright for everyone to see. Share your compassion with others and today I ask you to let your redemption for us to be known. Sentencing Juveniles as well as people found guilty of felony murder to life without parole is cruel and inhuman. Yes, we should be punished for the crimes that we have committed. Get to know us, get to know that we love, we heal, we have compassion and we are full of redemption. In life we’ve all made mistakes, some of us made bad choices and those choices included choosing the wrong people, places and things. But please let’s break the cycle right here, right now. Schools are closing down, classes are being taken away from our children and our grandchildren. Without education our children will be forced to travel down the wrong path. Let’s prevent that from happening. The money that’s being thrown into prisons could very well be used for schools. I will never take away from the crime that I committed, but to be in prison for almost 20 yrs is so hard. As a lifer, I’m not permitted to do many programs because of my sentence. I’m not the same person I was in 1997. I’ve done all that I could to better myself. Taxpayers money is spent on prisons and to hold us until we die we’re not violent people, no one will never know if the chance isn’t given to us. Most of the Juvenile lifers have been in prison for most of their lives. As well as so many others. So everyone here today, please stop and think for one moment, would you want your loved one to just die all alone in prison for a crime that they didn’t commit? 

Please society, love your children, heal them when they hurt, share your compassion with them. None of us never knows what the next second may bring. 


Normita Jackson 


This statement was sent as part of CADBI's Mothers' Day Rally to end Juvenile Death By Incarceration in Pennsylvania. You can read more and watch video of the Mothers' Day Rally here.