My Story

February 7, 2016

To whomever hands this letter may reach I humbly ask that you share my story and help me gain supporters to fight against my oppressors. I have been going through continuous harassment that results me being placed in the RHU on falsified reports, stolen/damaged property and then shipped to another prison to have the same processed continued.

I have been incarcerated for over 16 yrs. I am a faithful member of the Nation of Islam. Over the years I have become known for fighting my oppressors (with my pen). My most recent attacks by the Department of Korruption started while I was at SCI-Camphill. At that prison I was the subject of many cell searches, mail tampering, confiscated property etc. This was due to my filing grievances/complaints against those officers for violation of codes of ethics, not having religious services for the Nation of Islam or any cultural events for the Afrikan Amerikan community at that prison. I was transfered to SCI-Coal Township and placed in the RHU based upon falsified reports from the security office at Camphill. They alleged that I was orchestrating prisoners to take over the administration.

While in population at Coal Township many of the same issues were happening. So, again I attempted to exercise the grievance process all to no avail. With the constant rejection of our grievances, prisoner’s became fed up and we decided and acted on a hunger strike. Again, I was placed in the RHU after the prison was locked down in a state of emergency, my property (legal and regular mail) was destroyed along with history and religious books destroyed, typewriter broken along with other personal property. I was immediately shipped to SCI-Fayette where I was told that I was sent there due to me organizing the hunger strike at Coal Township.

According to SCI-Fayette administration, I was public enemy #1. Although I was released to their population, the harassment continued. It ended in March when myself and my brother (Kyle Little GN-1817) were placed in the RHU, with the security office claiming we were trying to start our own sect of the N.O.I. We were separated and both transferred.

Now, here at Huntingdon I was brought to the RHU on 11-24-15 on the allegations that I was an instigator of a disturbance. I was never given a DC-141 misconduct. The security captain told me he had NO evidence for his allegations but he believes I should have been locked down years ago.

The Department of Korruption is still continuing their campaign of harassment because I continue to exercise my rights. History has proven that the oppressors don’t like when the oppressed unite and fight back. It’s been long overdue that these real criminals (C/O's) be brought to justice. For too long they have been able to get away with their criminal acts.

Their continuous acts of retaliation is not enough to silence me or break my spirits. I will continue to speak up and write out to alert all who will listen about what is transpiring within the PA. D.O.C.

I humbly ask that any assistance that the Decarcerate PA may be able to provide will be gladly appreciated. Phone calls, letters, e-mails to Supt. Eric Tice (SCI-Hun), Regional Secretary Tabb Bickell, Secretary of the entire PA. D.O.C. John Wetzel about my release to general population or immediately transfered to another prison.

I humbly thank you in advance for your time and consideration on this matter.


    Tyree Little