Ongoing Indignities Involving Subjects within Your Concern

RE: Ongoing Indignities Involving Subjects Within Your Concern

Dear: Ms. Lingel,

It was recently brought to my attention that the United States Department of Justice is currently conducting an active investigation into the malfeasance of certain Arkansas Department of Correction employees in conjunction with various illegal activities that have been occurring here in the Arkansas state prison system.  And I am writing this missive so as to inform you of the fact that there is a correctional officer here at the Tucker Maxmum Security Unit by the name of Kendrick Nelson, who should also be considered for such scrutiny in light of the fact that he has been the main focus in …DOZENS… of complains which for the most part, have been out right ignored, and/or white-washed by ADC administrative officials.  

Mr. Kendrick Nelson’s misconduct unbecoming a state employee/ADC official/correctional officer, includes, but is not limited to, physical assault and physical abuse and torture, as well as the falsification of – state documents, i.e. e.g. incident reports, disciplinary reports, log books, et cetera.  

Not to mention the fact that Mr. Kendrick Nelson has also even attacked and beaten fellow co-workers while on state property, one incident in particular occurred at the Cummins Unit where Mr. Kendrick Nelson beat his wife in the parking lot while in a fit of jealous rage.  And even though he was in fact criminally charged and forced to resign, the charges were eventually dropped and officer Kendrick Nelson was allowed to regain employment with the Arkansas Department of Correction.  As a matter of fact, his co-worker from the Cummins Unit, Mr. William Straughn, was assigned to the Tucker MSU as a Warden while Mr. Nelson was resolving his legal issues and once he got them rectified Warden Straughn hired Mr. Kendrick Nelson here at the Tucker Maximum Security Unit and immediately promoted him to Lieutenant.

Warden William Straughn practically condoned Nelson’s malfeasance by simply turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to even allegations of sexual harassment which nurse Sandra Perez reported to him.  As to, after nurse Perez spurned Kendrick Nelson’s romantic illicit overtures Warden Straughn did not pursue any course of action against Nelson so as to discourage such inappropriate behavior.  

The truth is, Warden Straughn allowed Mr. Nelson’s behavior to get so out of control to the point in which Kendrick Nelson was allowed to create such a hostile and intolerable work environment for Ms. Perez that she was forced to quit her job.  

Furthermore, after being promoted to the rank of captain, Mr. Nelson began sexually harrassing yet another Tucker MSU employee by the name of Ms. Campbell, who also reported him to the Tucker MSU administration, and the new Warden, Mr. Danny Burl, demoted Mr. Nelson back to Lieutenant.  

Unfortunately, Lt. Kendrick Nelson’s deviant behavior has continued.

I mean, even the way in which Lt. Nelson looks at the women here is repulsive to say the least!!!

At any rate, I find it extremely bizarre that despite the fact that the Arkansas (Congressional) Prison Rape Elimination Act (“PREA”) has a ZERO tolerance policy, and clearly establishes the fact that deviant sexual behavior of any kind by staff is grounds for immediate termination – and in spite of the fact that ACD policy, Administrative Directive 12-33, prohibits staff from having sexual relationships with subordinates – Arkansas Department of Correction administrative officials still consider Lt. Kendrick Nelson to be a prime candidate for employment…….

Not to mention that even the new Tucker MSU Warden, Mr. Danny Burl and his wife have also been subjected to a criminal investigation by the Arkansas State Police.  As to, during his tenure as the Warden at the Brickey’s Unit – prior to transferring here at the Tucker Maximum Security Unit – Mr. Burt & his wife had to repay thousands of dollars that they allegedly stole form the State Department of Correction.

You’d think they would have been fired and criminally prosecuted – but that’s not the case.  Unfortunately, the standard practice here in the state penal institution is simply to “shuffle” corrupt officials around the state prison system wherever they are exposed for criminal activities.  

Needless to say, such appeasement encourages greater acts of misconduct as is proven by the recent criminal investigation in which a state ADC employee at the Mcpherson (Women’s Unit), was charged with fifty (50) counts of rape!  I am not kidding!  Chaplain Dewitt is accused of committing 50 counts of rape on multiple women in the Arkansas state prison system.  

The bottom line here is that ADC administrative officials have grossly mishandled serious allegations.  There obviously needs to be public oversight of the policies and practices that are being used by ADC staff in light of the fact that they are neglecting their obligatory job duties, and in the process subjecting both inmates and staff alike to a substantial risk of serious physical and emotional harm…….

And being that Arkansas inmates do not have a voice here in the state due to there not being any organizations established here on our behalf – any help that you all can provide is greatly needed and most certainly appreciated.  

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Jan/21/2016                        Sincerely & Respectfully,

                            William C. Moore, #127360

                            2501 State Farm Road

                            Tucker, AR, 72168-9567