Outgoing Mail Sabotage

by Ricardo Noble

I’m presently on indefinite Solitary Confinement, called “Restricted Release List (RRL),” in S.C.I.-Greene’s Restricted Housing Unit (“RHU”).

Per Department of “Corrections” Policy and S.C.I.-Greene Superintendent memo, all outgoing Regular Mail, DC-135A’s (Request Slips), grievances, etc. are to be placed in the designated “locked” U.S. mailboxes on each RHU Pod. The mailboxes are on the inside of each RHU Pod in the front of the Pod so that RHU prisoners and video camera on the Pod’s ceiling can see RHU “Corrections” Officers (c.o.’s) place our outgoing regular mail, request slips, grievances, etc. in the mailbox. RHU c.o.’s collect and place all outgoing mail, grievances, etc. in the mailbox between 6 a.m. and 6:45 a.m. in the morning.

However, RHU c.o.’s on H-Block often collect and take all outgoing regular mail, request slips, grievances, etc. off the Pod to be sorted through, read (“reviewed”), and otherwise tampered with. So, it’s common for H-Block prisoners’ outgoing regular mail, request slips, and grievances to “disappear,” never get to people they are addressed to. Other prisoners and I have filed grievances about it. I filed grievance Numbers 646117, 645642, 673738, and 679037. I won grievance Numbers 646117 and 645642 because the Pod’s ceiling video camera footage verified that my grievances are true. So, now, RHU staff who “investigate” outgoing mail grievances (usually, RHU Lieutenant Fox) falsely claim that the Pod’s video footage is not available to them to review, therefore they believe RHU c.o.’s put the outgoing mail, grievances, etc. in the Pod’s mailbox and did not take it off the Pod. So, whether or not our outgoing mail, grievances, etc. are placed in the mailbox on the Pod or taken off the Pod by the RHU c.o.’s to “review” and tampered with depends on RHU c.o.’s agenda for said day.