Political commentary from Gary Walker

Pennsylvania Politicians have a gridlock on the climate within Pennsylvania, mainly “Philly” in particular, the poor communities which are made up of Blacks and Latinos. The politics that’s played out has no sense of what the culture problem is on the ground in our neighborhoods. The politicians’ take on the lives of the poor is nothing more than pieces of their money game, moving the vulnerable one’s lives throughout their political game “agenda” which is mostly designed to oppress us rather than see us get out of poverty. Many of these poor, poverty stricken neighborhoods are nothing but breeding grounds for crime, such as drug dealing, gang banging, robbery, and homicides. With that being the normal environment for many of poor human beings’ reality, politicians find themselves able to profit tremendously by having prisons built and filled, each new one they intend to build and millions of dollars are spent and profitable from the poor.

They can’t see themselves compassionate and willing to save lives, rather than tearing families apart and destroying someone’s life for having fallen into what their neighborhoods offer as a result of having to live in poverty along with unstable households. The question needs to be asked, how are so many guns making their way from gun manufacturers into our hoods. There are too many guns in our neighborhoods to statistically claim they’re from straw purchase or stolen from a legal buyer. Pennsylvania is so corrupt, it’s a question that needs to be asked for the reason of harsh sentencing in predominantly poor neighborhoods.

Gary Walker



Hello!  My name is Gary Walker Dj-1481, I‘m a humanbeing whom the creator hadn’t created perfect. There is no humanbeing on the planet that was created perfect. We all make mistakes and no human being should be the judge over another when they themselves isn’t perfect. How is it 519,000 something elected officials in Amerikkka, majority of them holding local jobs within our communities. however, due to the functioning body of the elected officials, and those officials without many of our communities begin their constituents, they wouldn’t be placed in their six digit salary jobs. It is time we the people of our communities raise our voice loud and mean what we demand, and hold them fully accountable and not go for the same old politics in Philly. In spite of the high crime rate in so many poverty stricken neighborhoods, on a much larger scale with the federal government which gives the local members, smaller government overnight.

National security is the government scare tactics with media outlets, and diverting the focus away from Amerikka ultimate problem, “poverty” “mass incarceration”. It is clearly an unbalanced scale when it comes to the criminal justice system. Where prosecuted offer politics and race. The Injustice criminal system laws are outdated and the laws were drafted from a group of people that had no study of insight in culture barriers.

Pennsylvania laws are oppressive, prejudice and against the constitution of 14th Amendment equal protection. Those leftwings and rightwings with their old outdated minds, they truly believe what they are doing is correct. We are under and entire generation of people. Amerikka citizens, such as myself, who has been sentenced to die in prison for the same thing Amerikka goes on national television with their media outlets justify their more violent acts. Black people has to understand we were oppressed the very moment we were captured and brought to Amerikka, it was about oppression. In these troublesome times the police are operating in police uniforms in place of the clothing the Klan wore. Many of the police are falsifying documents, DAs are lying to make a case, then there’s the race and politics.

My question is how our government is so politically motivated to release foreign terrorists they captured on the battlefield, seeking to kill hundreds of America’s military people?  Some of them even demonstrated no remorse or compassion for the US and they are released from US military camps. For example, the spiritual adviser to ISIS was in custody of American andy claim he was a model detainee.  There are countless men and women here in Amerikka that are born citizens and very remorseful for their crimes and we can’t even get a second change.  We the citizens of those incarcerated in PA would like to know how is this so?  My circumstance was someone one had to choose, live or die.