A posteriori

By Curtis “Tawfeeq” Braxton

The word “penitentiary” has its origin in the word “penitent,” which is synonymous with “repentance” which adds the implication of a resolve to change, the acknowledgement of sin and/or wrongdoing and turning away from it. These words are rooted in the church and the foundation of this system and country.

Let’s look at the acronym “D.O.C.”—Department of Corrections. This indicates this department is specialized in the correcting of people. My Webster Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition states: “Correction is the treatment and rehabilitation of offenders through a program involving penal custody, parole and probation, also the administration of such treatment as a matter of public policy.

I point all this out to say that this system is allegedly designed to adhere to the above titles and necessary remedies to transform the alleged criminal to return to society. This is their agenda, is it not?—They claim prisons are for the rehabilitation of the alleged criminal. If that be the case, why sentence us to death by incarceration if prisons are implemented to rehabilitate?

Abolish All Prisons, For Dereliction of Duty!!!


Curtis “Tawfeeq” Braxton
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