Pennsylvania’s prison population is bursting at the seams; while other states are closing their prisons and saving money, Governor Corbett wants to build more prisons burdening taxpayers who are already struggling with day-to-day survival in our recessive economy.

Something is fundamentally wrong with this picture! It costs approximately $40,000 a year to warehouse one individual in a state prison regardless of his crime, time served, or his/her efforts toward rehabilitation and atonement.

There are thousands of prisoners incarcerated in Pennsylvania state prisons who pose no threat to the public or public safety, and they should be released back into mainstream society as law-abiding taxpayers.    

Proper administration of the existing Pennsylvania prison system coupled with judicial and penal reforms, geared toward rehabilitation, would relieve prison overcrowding and alleviate this tax burden. The solution to the problem is simple: we just need responsible leaders to act. Pennsylvania doesn’t need another prison, Governor Corbett – put that money toward our schools.

Charles Sheppard, Chairman

Judiciary Committee, Lifers, Inc.

SCI Graterford