To purge and oppress: The cup of equality, and the chalice of justice, are replete with emptiness in america

The so-called justice system in america -- in particular the 49 contiguous states, preys on the poor, as well as ignorance and immaturity, (immature minds of the youth), and exclusively survives on the Black Urban Community. The system is designed to oppress the destitute -- most notably the ones with pigment. Their system is void of ways to facilitate structure sand well being. the sole objective is to persecute viz, the poor (Black)\Proletariat. Without the impoverished, the system would not be able to sustain its oppressive operation. So if you are destitute, and\or Black, then you qualify, meaning -- you are the target of law enforcement. The impoverished neighborhoods are where the law enforcers categorically patrol relentlessly. There is a reason why you never see the son or daughter, mother or father, of the affluent being gunned down on the news, or assaulted by police or even being targeted as a result of some form of distinct profile. For them, this "racial caste system", is an absolute success. The intentions couldn't be more transparent or explicit, the plan -- abolish chattel slavery, replace it with the racial caste system, forging mass incarceration. The result is this -- the u.s. has 5% of the world's population, while housing 25% of the world's incarcerated. The u.s. has incarcerated, an eye popping, 23 times more of its population than India, which happens to be the world's most populous country. 

To further drive home this reality, that the facts patently provide, the u.s. has the world's highest rate of prisoners, -- an astonishing, 716 per 100,000 people. So it would be a crime for me not to say that it is incumbent upon us to promote awareness, educate our people, expose them to the aristocrats' objective, and continue the fight to manumit those those who have been unfairly,"legally abducted", and held against their will.
It would also behoove me to note that the system, which is dependent on taxpayers money, furnishes the prosecution's office with a profusion of funds and resources, and due to the prosecution's unmitigated impunity, they are able to espouse and partake in unscrupulous practices. While operating with overt haughtiness, while simultaneously putting defendants at a grave disadvantage. Speaking for the most part, the prosecution is not truly about justice, or upholding the u.s. constitution. The general concern is winning the case, regardless of guilt or innocence. Contrary to popular belief, we are not all under the aegis of the u.s. constitution. The recent revelations of the DNA development cast an ominous light on the DA's practices, and objectives; of how they maliciously over prosecute the innocent, as well as those who may be culpable. Its worth noting that the above rule of thumb applies to the cases that do not have the DNA available to prove their innocence. The bottom line is this -- if you are not a part of their oligarchy\aristocracy, then the sky's the limit when it comes to your oppression\persecution. Michelle Alexander put it best, its the New Jim Crow, orchestrated thru the racial caste system.
As far as juveniles go, its funny how, -- when you are a minor, you can not declare yourself an adult, you're not legally permitted to smoke, vote, see rated R movies alone, drink, dial hotlines, or even marry. However, you can be declared an adult by the system, and ultimately go to prison for the rest of your life after being charged and convicted as one. As a minor in the real world, they can not legally participate in adult activities, but they are permitted to do adult time in prison. They are adults when it is convenient to prosecute, but a minor on all other occassions. This is the most egregious double standard that exists, which lies within the american Justice System. if you are old enough to be charged as an adult, then you should be able to enjoy the rights and privileges as one. If this is not possible, then being charged as one should be as well. america, where minors can only be adults in prison.
Written by,
Yem Case #DX.9137
301 Morea Rd.
Frackville, PA 17932
Currently at SCI-Mahanoy in solitary confinement.
Sunday, Dec.13, 2015
"My name is Yem, + I truly appreciate, (and commend), your efforts to abolish death by incarceration. This is a revolutionary movement, and I will do whatever is necessary to assist this campaign. (please put me on your mailing list -- thank you)"