The Right to Freedom

By David Lee

On November 22, 2016, I was watching News One Now with Roland Martin, as is my normal practice, and Roland was debating a White supremacist named Richard Spencer of The National Policy Institute about his White supremacist views.  Spencer was full of unfounded information, which Roland easily broke down.  The look on Spencer’s face spoke volumes about exactly how confused he was to be in a debate with a well informed, well-educated Black man willing to do intellectual battle with him on all subject matters.  Spencer claimed that Whites alone built America; totally ignoring the free labor extorted from African Americans, the cheap labor exploited from Asian Americans, and the theft of the country from Native Americans.  

The White supremacist groups, and other Whites, and even other racial groups cannot fathom the notion of repairing the damage done to African Americans by way of reparations.  But it is okay to give billions of dollars annually in support to Israel and other American allies, but not toward correcting the historical wrongs of their forefathers and the American government; not to even go deep into the contemporary discrimination and oppression that African Americans continue to deal with in America.  Moreover, it was suggested during the debate with Spencer that Whites built the pyramids and Egyptian civilization; however, Roland corrected him with factual information about history.  There is a book called “The African Origin of Civilization” by Cheikh Anta Diop that confirms the first 10 dynasties were Black/Africans, thus supporting Roland’s argument.  It is unfortunate that there are people willing to destroy Black lives based on fraudulent information.  These types of people believe that we should not have any rights, and that we’re basically at the mercy of people who view us as animals deserving of oppression, exploitation, and whatever types of tyranny they wish to convey to us.  Their asinine attunes des not apply to all Whites because there are Whites in the country who care very profoundly about the liberty of all racial demographics living in the United States.

All human beings deserve the right to live as free and empowered beings, but unfortunately there are many individuals in this world who do not adhere to such notions.  Richard Spencer is sadly the president of such an organization, and they actually permeate American society, however, they normally live in secret.  They will profess White supremacist views in the closet of darkness, but when challenged on national television Spencer began to tone down his rhetoric, and even backtracked on many positions.  Alt right, or White supremacist individuals like Richard Spencer are very dangerous people because they do not believe that all human beings deserve the right to liv free and holistic lives, but they will not openly state this, they use code language to disguise their true intent, while covertly working to undermine the rights of African Americans and other people of color.  Therefore we are left with the task of dissecting their racist rhetoric, and working to understand the true meaning behind what they are saying.  But I wonder, if they were really so confident in their superiority, would they have to hide behind sheets, or coded language?  Their coded language speak volumes about their xenophobia and not their supposed superiority because if you were that superior would you need to hide your ambitions, or would you need so many built in advantages to protect you from fair competition?

I loved the fact that Roland Martin not only defeated this sad individual intellectually but also let him know that we, “African Americans, and others who believe in actual freedom are going to fight him an his cronies until hell freezes over, and then we’re going to fight you in the ice.”  That was a very powerful ending to their debate, and again, Spencer left with a very silly look on his face.  I have seen other individuals of his ilk be broken down in debate as well, and the never deal in facts, they are highly subjective people who have a unique ability of ignoring factual data.  There are many individuals of this nature who support president elect Donald Trump, and we have to explore why he is able to gather so much support from this extreme group of Alt right or White supremacists?  Moreover, why is it that he refuses to rigorously denounce this White supremacist demographic, if he does not believe in what they are advocating?  President elect Trump has no problems degrading, and denouncing anyone who he dislikes, but he has not vigorously denounced the White supremacists who see him as their champion, why?  There are people out there saying that he is not racist, but he just fans the flames of racism, no matter how dangerous his fanning might be.  To prove the danger in his position, or lack of position, all we have to do is witness the rise in hate crimes since the election.  His supporters have become embolden since Trump has won the presidency of the United States, and I can only imagine what is on the horizon for people of color in American and beyond as they grow in courage and power.  Can we afford to wait around to see what they are going to do next?  We have a duty to our children and ourselves to make the sort of adjustments necessary to deal with the types of fear, animosity, xenophobia, and ignorance tat will continue to come out way.  This is not new to us, but we cannot sleep on what is taking place right before out eyes.  Only fools see an accident waiting to happen, and do nothing to avoid it.

We need a Universal Basic Income, not more bigots in power; we need better education for our children, not more White supremacists in the White House creating draconian laws and policies that will take decades to correct, we need more decent jobs, not more poverty cause by billionaires in their race toward lucrative contracts that will be given to Trump’s cronies and family.  Yet, nepotism will be on open display in the coming weeks, months, and years during Trump’s presidency, and who in the American government are going to put up an effective challenge?  The media helped to create this monster known as president Trump, and I would like to see if anyone are going to be objective in their coverage f him during his term in office, or will they kowtow to him in search of sensational and news worthy stories that stimulate public interest and generates huge amounts of money for major news outlets?  We cannot allow these things that we know are coming, to go unchallenged because have the right to be free and whole human beings.  It is safe to say that if we do not challenge president elect Trump and his cronies, we will find ourselves boiling in hot water looking for a life raft to save ourselves from certain disaster.

We must building coalitions with all freedom loving people as we move progressively forward in pursuit of collective empowerment, justice, and liberty for all human beings.  The movement for freedom in American society must include all willing to challenge White supremacy, oppression, tyranny, and all forms of discrimination.  We can look back at history of this national and find many examples of this type of conservative movement in action, and this is not the first time that White supremacy has resided in the White House, so even this is not new.  It only seems new to those who are unaware of correct American history.  We all have a right to freedom, but freedom is not free, we must work continuously to gain and maintain our freedom.