Sisters of the Vanguard

Sisters of the Vanguard,

I am here and you are there. We can’t create this way. We can’t progress this way. Divide and conquer.

I am here because a jury of “my peers” (which can more appropriately be called a jury of people from Philadelphia) found me guilty of murder. Can I blame them? Genocide by DBI and like human rights violations aside. I was a young punk. Now I get it, however as far as “they’re” concerned its too late. You are there. You are there because maybe you had phase of inhibition and bouts of moral disorientation, but, through it all, you grew up as a woman do and were able to straighten up and fly right. And I love you for it.

You are here and I am there. We create and progress this way. United we stand and there is hope. I see you all the time here. On panel discussions on Roland Martin’s News One Now and occasionally on C-Span the veritable vanguard you are against police brutality, DBI, Mass Incarceration and economic inequalities across the board, I smile. My heart and spirit smile. Prayerfully this letter reaches you when it’s most needed and you see that I am THERE (and what is metaphorically must soon follow in the literal) and your heart and spirit smile and you love me for it.

In truth and harmonious effort,

Corey Conaway #KK1931