Solitary Thinking

The old saying goes, there are three kinds of people: those who make it happen, those who watch things happen, and those who were never sure what was happening. The first group of people take initiative and responsibility by using their resources, knowledge, skills and determination to make positive changes. The second group of people sit on the side-line and watch the first group use the same resources, knowledge and skills they have to make positive changes. The third group are deaf & blind so they don’t have a clue of what’s happening or how to make a positive change. Long story short we are our own solution. We have to be determined and take initiative by picking up our pens and write letters with our ideas, input and vision to unify ourselves with the young and old. Send your letters to family members, friends, churches, publications, such as progressive newspapers, radio deejays, artists, college students on campus, lawyers etc. Keep writing, don’t stop. You may not get responses from everyone you write to but you will get some. Constantly writing these letters reinforces your inner consciousness to solidify your internal change beyond mere words. Your focus is not longer on your immediate isolation, therefore your thinking is not controlled. Many individuals I have seen give up or break themselves know their history and were very politically conscious and had many applicable valid ideas to revitalize our communities. Their biggest problem was they never took the conversation and ideas outside of the isolated areas. They make absolutely no attempt to make contact with the outside. Soon they become bored with hearing only themselves and those around them began to view them as good conversationalists with no actions behind their words. Their thinking stayed contained within the isolated walls and soon isolation consumed them.

Termaine Salisbury


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