Some things you NEED to know and uncontrolled experiment

FROM: Ricky Tejada #EW1339

Date: 22 May 15

Re: Some things you NEED to know and uncontrolled experiment



If I may, now, I am not making an individualized complaint or what have you nor am I moving to have y’all individualize this missive. Rather, this urgent or emergent missive should be construed AS A WHOLE because I will NOT be the sole VICTIM of the Pa. dept. of corrections (“Pa DC”) CIRCUMVENTING the system put in place by civil action no. i:13-cv-00635 in which the disability rights network of Penna (“DRN”) featured the Pa d.o.c. (John E. Wetzel) in a law suit for VIOLATING inmates 8th and 14th amendment constitutionally protected rights.

Now allow me to explain if you would, because as y’all call for reform, dialogue and training of d.o.c. standards and practices – then – calling for more reform, dialogue and training of d.o.c. staff, what y’all might not be recognizing, and so missing – please forgive me for saying – considering what I just experienced though, is these seem to be COSMETIC REFORMS, that do NOT and can NOT address the INSTITUTIONAL RELATIONSHIP of the Pa. d.o.c. with its inmates.

To grasp what that means is to grasp the Pa. d.o.c. HABITS which are an extension of their attitudes and you UNDERSTAND the INSTITUTIONAL NATURE of the Pa. d.o.c. DANGEROUS, OUTRAGEOUS, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, RECKLESS and TERRORISM conditions of confinement which are LEADING its INMATE’S DOWN a PATH of PSYCHOLOGICAL and MORAL COLLAPSE, hence, NO change was made in the Pa. d.o.c. until the DEPT OF JUSTICE and DRN of Penna FORCED the Pa. d.o.c. to conform to modern day progress, in spite of the TRAGEDY known as S.C.I. CRESSON, do you remember what (S.C.I. CRESSON was) happened!?!

So again, unless and until the ATTITUDE of the Pa. d.o.c.,which is the CANCER or DISEASE CAUSING AGENT responsible for making CULTURAL, this CULTURE of CORRUPTION contaminating AND undermining d.o.c. operations is ADMITTED and CURED, NO inmates will be SAFE in the hands of these gangsters in d.o.c. uniform.

Let me give you an EXAMPLE of exactly what it is I’m saying – me for instance – the ONLY thing I can give you, in order to get you to SEE how the system AND the inmates as a WHOLE will be AFFECTED by the Pa. d.o.c. concept of things i.e., FALSIFYING DOCUMENTS, the MASK the Pa. d.o.c. uses to DISGUISE the Pa. d.o.c. BEHAVIORISM above i.e., because I CHALLENGED the CONDITIONS of SOLITARY CONFINEMENT at S.C.I. albion as NOT therapeutic as a D-ROSTER inmate, I was RECLASSIFIED from stability code “d-roster” to a “B-roster”, then “c-roster” inmate, all because I exposed and reported the following: (1) some non-licensed to practice psychology provider named, Mr. Suesser was CREATING a HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT in s.c.i. albion hence don’t know inmates want to talk to him / the environment all in a UPROAR (the violence, aggression, etc etc); (2) being HANDCUFFED and SHACKLED then HANDCUFFED again to a table for hours and hours is again NOT therapeutic, I’m sorry; (3) when s.c.i. Smithfield transferred me to s.c.i. albion on dec. 2nd, 2014 DUE to me being a “d-roster” inmate, they said the PURPOSE of this transfer was to get me some help and finally released from solitary confinement as a d-code inmate, so I asked s.c.i. albion, WHY am I still in the r.h.u. this was feb. 4th, 2015 though.

As a result of me doing #1-3 above, again, s.c.i. albion, RECLASSIFIED me as stated above, but, such reclassification was the MASK to DISGUISE the RETALIATION by them AND the FALSE, INACCURATE or MISLEADING RECORD ENTRY DOCUMENTS regarding the classification CHANGE – again – because I CHALLENGED the CONDITIONS of SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, so s.c.i. albion FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS saying I’m either no longer or am not BIPOLAR, which translates as, them doing that to me, means they (pa. d.o.c.) will do the exact SAME thing to OTHER INMATES the staff DON’T LIKE, CAN’T TOLERATE, is NOT popular OR not afraid of staff, OR on the staff BAD side etc etc.

So the question is, WHAT are, or HOW is, y’all going to RESOLVE the pa. d.o.c. staff FALSIFYING DOCUMENTS, the MASK that is DISGUISING what the Pa. d.o.c. DON’T want y’all to KNOW, which is, WHATS REALLY going on!?! Again, all the while, the inmates are BEARING the BURDEN and SCARS of Pa. d.o.c. ANTICS, to the DETRIMENT of SOCIETY where these inmates MUST RETURN.

Upon completion of sentence, EXAMPLE:

Inmate C. B., who just maxed out his sentence from s.c.i. albion, was a VICTIM of above – now – its Mr Statton who is scheduled to max out a 20 year sentence and return to society, who is housed at s.c.i. albion.

Again, FEIGNED IGNORANCE and/or a SIMPLE DENTAL by the culprits, should NOT be sufficient to subdue your INTELLIGENCE, because I can give you ANOTHER EXAMPLE, listen:

Per the Pa. d.o.c. own policy at 13.8.1,

If you take certain medication, you automatically assigned to the “d-roster” not only is the Pa d.o.c. NOT doing this, as my experience evidence. I was transferred to s.c.i. albion as a “d-roster” inmate on 12/1/2014 that night, however, the early morning of 12/4/2014, I left s.c.i. albion, never returning to s.c.i. albion, until 12/16/2014.

Then on 12/30/2014, I once again left s.c.i. albion never returning till 1/29/2015, night time, the next morning Jan 30th, 2015, was the first time of this year staff at sci albion was able to physically see me, because “d-roster” inmates come out of cell for 2 hours, every day, except weekends and holidays. The extent of my interactions with s.c.i. albion staff ended, however, on 2/4/2015, because, as stated above, they reclassified me from “d-code” to “b-code” and declared I’m NOT bipolar all of a sudden, INDUCED BY (improper influences) the said Mr. Suesser, who I was having problems with. 

Notice, I left s.c.i. albion, once again, on 3/19/2015 and returned on 3/31/2015: left again, on 4/23/2015 and will not be returning back to s.c.i. albion till some time in June, 2015, so I wasn’t even at s.c.i. albion long enough for it to be determined that, I no longer – or – am not, all of a sudden BI-POLAR (which ever one it is they saying) to be able to (honestly) reclassify me or rediagnose me, whatever it is, they did, or doing when they reclassified me from a “d-roster” to a “b-roster” to then a “c-roster” although the extent of my dealings at s.c.i. albion with them, was in 2 hour increments each day, where we play games and watch T.V., listen to the radio, OR talk – and – I NEVER even spoke to anyone from psychology dept because Mr. Suesser had out housing unit (Rhu) means this reclassification or rediagnosis was ACTUALLY a BIAS finding ESPECIALLY considering I NEVER even got a chance to participate in what Individual Treatment Plan (“ITP”) now can you understand what you are up against!?!

Since the Pa. d.o.c. has grown to BECOME such a BEAST of a BURDEN unto itself though the sight of the MONSTER with its WOLF-IN-SHEEP-CLOTHING-ISM called the Pa. d.o.c. is so UGLY I’m sorry to say rather than LOOK IN THE MIRROR it’s much “easier” to focus on etc etc on the inmate this the inmate that etc etc!

Again remember S.C.I. CRESSON and the Pa. d.o.c. business-as-usual-style because they have been FALSIFYING DOCUMENTS for years which explains my usage of the term COSMETIC REFORM above BECAUSE the RESIDUE of that ATTITUDE or what can be called the Pa. d.o.c. BEHAVIORISM which CAUSED your agency or organization to INTERVENE by way of law suit against the Pa. d.o.c. if that attitude ain’t CIVILIZED (clean) it will ALWAYS remain an IMPEDIMENT to the CHANGE you need to SEE – no NOT some ILLUSION of CHANGE as if this HALLOWEEN with that TRICKERY.

Again another EXAMPLE of what I mean have you managed to learned (A) guards don’t want t.v.’s or radios in solitary confinement housing units as the Pa. d.o.c. is not doing for both “DC” and “AC” inmates BECAUSE the “R.h.u. is for punishment” – note – the PROBLEMS of TODAY will NOT be SOLVED by the minds that CREATED them! So it took the people (y’all) with the QUALIFICATIONS, EDUCATION, PRINCIPLES, and MORAL ABILITY to CHANGE the conditions of solitary confinement in the Pa. d.o.c. for BOTH the mentally ill prisoners AND the mental illness MANUFACTURED in prisoners DUE TO the confinement conditions in solitary confinement housing units, whereas, these guards concept of things is not rooted in the education which qualifies y’all, but the guards concept of things finds it origins in their ego, emotions and etiology (B) Guards who DON’T like you or CAN’T use you etc etc PURPOSELY provoke etc etc “d-roster” inmates to act up then when they act up go run back to administrative staff and say this inmate a problem, disrupting housing unit, get him off the unit because we don’t need this kind of problem, etc etc. EXAMPLE this what and how that inmate Mr. Y was done in s.c.i. albion who too is scheduled to be released from s.c.i. ablion upon completion of his sentence soon who should be in s.c.i. albion R.h.u. still – or – some inmate named M. C., who was a “d-roster” transfer to s.c.i. albion and started going through psychological changes in s.c.i. albion R.h.u. who Mr Suesser reclassified as NOT “d-code” because M. C. wouldn’t talk to him.

This the REAL LOOK (face) of the Pa. d.o.c. and there business-as-usual measures so DON’T be FOOLED! Look: one of the definitions of MENTAL INSANITY is a DISTORTION of REALITY. Now have you managed to learn that s.c.i. Smithfield is INTENTIONALLY INDUCING MENTAL INSANITY in its inmate’s in their solitary confinement housing units? Reference grievance #597900-15;567823;566510-15;565308-15; for example

BECAUSE by the placing of some all black metal 7 foot object directly in front of cell door, blocking exit/ entrance, was effectively PRECLUDED me from seeing the DATE/ TIME on clock in this SOLITARY CONFINEMENT housing unit so I don’t know what’s going on exactly i.e. DELUSIONAL/ HALLUCINATING as to WHATS really taken place which convenient for them PREVENTS me from INTELLIGENTLY filing grievances because DON’T know what’s really/ exactly going on, identity of staff violating my rights which has proven to EXACERBATE the SENSORY DEPRIVATION I’m already dealing with in this SOLITARY CONFINEMENT unit – then – last week it was a FIRE this 7 foot black object amounts to a FIRE HAZARD considering EMERGENCY EVACULATION PROTOCOL renders this an impediment to ENTRACE/EXIT in front of cell door like that – and – their FAILURE TO PROTECT because RETALIATING in leaving this FIRE HAZARD in the way of exit/entrance is not only DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE, but done got me PARANOID-SCHIZOPHRENIC because WHO/HOW is they gonna SAVE (rescue) me since they done left this thing in front of my door now, since May 10th 2015 the FIRE last week notwithstanding, NO one HELPED me! HOW MANY MORE inmates will they do this too, huh?! Then MASK (disguise) some via FALSE, INACCURATE or MISLEADING RECORD ENTRIES on the inmate’s? because BOTH psychology dept and upper echelon administrative both have left me in solitary confinement conditions above that don’t promote the moral and intellectual advancement in the prisoner, though they was notified, rendering me DISSIMULATION as used in psychiatry about declared as true and correct, based on knowledge, info and belief, this _____ day of _________ 2015. Pursuant to 28 use 1746.

Respectfully yours, /S/ Ricky Tejada